Mike Tyson's former lawyer set to represent Andrew Tate in Romania

Mike Tyson (L), and Andrew Tate (R).
Mike Tyson (L), and Andrew Tate (R).

Andrew Tate will have some high-profile representation for his upcoming trial in Romania.

The kickboxer and his brother were arrested last month on charges of human trafficking and forming an organized crime ring. While false reports stated that Tate was released the following day, fans quickly learned that the issue isn't going away anytime soon.

As of now, the internet personality is still sitting in jail awaiting his trial date. Recently, Tate had his detention increased by another 30 days, making it clear that the Romanian justice system wasn't taking his case lightly. According to the law in the country, individuals can be contained for upwards of 180 days without charges.

It was recently confirmed that Andrew Tate and his brother Tristian will be represented by Tina Glandian. If that name sounds familiar to combat sports fans, the high-profile attorney has represented Mike Tyson in the past.

Furthermore, Glandian has also represented disgraced stars such as Chris Brown and Jussie Smollett. She will now take on one of the biggest cases of her career as she attempts to defend the controversial kickboxer in court.

Andrew Tate's new lawyer discusses his imprisonment

Andrew Tate's new lawyer, Tina Glandian, is out to prove that even if you're controversial, you're not guilty.

The kickboxer is one of the best-known individuals on the planet. While Tate wasn't a high-profile name when competing, he's become a social media star over the last few years due to his online persona. Granted, he would later be banned off several platforms.

Due to the fame and fortune that he's acquired, the upcoming trial will be a massive event. Ultimately, since his arrest, Tate has stated his innocence and that his arrest has more to do with his fame than anything else.

In a recent interview with Piers Morgan, Andrew Tate's lawyer gave a relatively similar defense. The interview was one of Glandian's first as the representation for the kickboxer and wanted to make it clear that her client isn't guilty.

During a recent interview, Glandian stated:

β€œThe brothers are both very strong and resilient and they're holding up. But conditions aren't good... They are controversial public figures, but that is not a crime. At this point we have not been provided any proof of their crimes, nor have they been charged. So I would ask that people presume them innocent as they are.”

See her comments in the video below:

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