When Andrew Tate picked up the religious differences between Islam and Christianity- "It's the last religion on the planet"

Kickboxer Andrew Tate [ Image credits: @CobratTate /Instagram ]
Kickboxer Andrew Tate [ Image credits: @CobratTate /Instagram ]

Andrew Tate believes that Islam is the last real religion on the planet.

The former kickboxing champion is currently linked to a possible boxing match with Jake Paul. That potential collision has been made possible by his massive growth in popularity, much of which is linked to his controversial opinions.

The influencer is not afraid to speak his mind — many of his comments have been publicly blasted due to them being labeled as misogynistic, among other things.

On the Full Send Podcast, Tate has another opinion that is sure to be considered controversial. During a recent appearance on the popular podcast, the former kickboxer gave his opinions on religion. Speficially, he compared Christianity to Islam.

In the interview, Tate stated that Islam is the only real religion left on the planet. His reasoning is that Allah is the only God that is respected and that people still fear. Due to this, Tate believes it is the only legitimate religion around.

While on the podcast, Andrew Tate stated:

"I think it's the last religion... It's the last one, because no other religion has boundaries which they enforce. If you will tolerate everything, then you stand for nothing...99% of Christians are ignoring every single rule in the Bible, every single day. They'll try and say they interpret it differently... Only Muslims follow their book, so they're the last religion."

Watch Andrew Tate's comments about religion in the video below:


Andrew Tate discusses how people are afraid of Islam

While discussing the believers of Islam, Andrew Tate stated that other religions are afraid of the religious group.

During his appearance on the Full Send Podcast, the kickboxer opined that other religions don't entirely follow the tenants that they're supposed to. However, when it comes to Muslims, he thinks that they strictly follow what is said in the Quran.

Tate also noted that Islam is the only religion that isn't widely disrespected today. That lack of disrespect stems from fear, according to him.

On the podcast, Tate stated:

"But, people don't openly stand up and disrespect Islam. They're afraid. Once again, if you don't have rule systems and doctorines and beliefs and prophets which people are afraid to mock, are you even a religion? People won't disrespect Islam. Nobody will disrespect it because they're scared."

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