Who is Andrew Tate? Exploring the origins of the former kickboxer turned into a controversial internet personality

Tracing Andrew Tate's life (Image via Sportskeeda)
Tracing Andrew Tate's life (Image via Sportskeeda)

Emory Andrew Tate III is a professional kickboxer turned internet personality who's infamous for his misogynistic views. Dubbed the King of Toxic Masculinity, Tate has mastered the art of selling hyper-masculine anti-woman propaganda to his audience packaged as the "good life."

He is outspoken about his radical views and interestingly, lives in Romania with his multiple wives. He accrued a fortune with a webcam business he started as a ploy to tap into the adult entertainment industry and has made millions by exploring similar avenues.


He has recently been featured on multiple podcasts and talkshows around the web where he talks about his unique lifestyle. His appearance on Adin Ross's recent livestream with popular streamers such as xQc and TrainwrecksTV has gone viral for all the wrong reasons, making many people question Tate's history and personal life.

Tracing Andrew Tate's problematic life: From Webcam mogul to allegations of Human Trafficking

Tate has done a lot of different sides that make up his persona, all centered around a toxic masculine attitude. The kickboxer was born on December 14, 1986 according his official website. He is half-American from his dad's side and half-British from his mother's side.

For those wondering why the man from Chicago, Illinois would move to the Eastern European country of Romania, the answer is quite chilling. In a deleted video, Tate can be seen explaining his rationale for the move to avoid accountability during the #MeToo era:

Kickboxing fame

Andrew Tate made a name for himself in MMA circles, bagging multiple ISKA (International Sport Karate Association) trophies. His website dubs him as:

"Three times ISKA Kickboxing World Champion and Enfusion Live champion."

Tate has competed in both heavyweight and lightweight championships and claims to have only lost nine matches over his career. He has also expressed his desire to fight YouTube giant Jake paul in a podcast. In recent years, however, he has focused more on social media influencing than kickboxing.

Webcam business and Hustler's University

Andrew Tate made a lot of money from his adult entertainment business model. He has talked about the webcam business numerous times in his usual tone of bravado, bragging about how much money "his girls" have made him.


His official website is an online business aimed at "success." The program, called "Hustler's University," is supposed to teach men how to make money, along with other programs about serenading women.

Scandals and bans

Tate has been banned from Twitter for his blatantly misogynistic tweets and comments on r*pe. As the world was watching the Harvey Weinstein s*x-scandal unfold, Tate made statements in favor of the deplorable criminal, which ultimately amounted to victim blaming. Here is an extract from his deleted tweets:

"If you put yourself in a position to be r*ped, you must bare [sic] some responsibility... with s*xual assault they want to put zero blame on the victim whatsoever."

Andrew Tate is also under investigation in Romania for alleged human trafficking and is currently out on bail. His already contentious move to Romania due to its lax laws pertaining to s*xual violence has been mentioned before.

He was also part of the famous UK TV show Big Brother season 17 and made headlines before his controversial removal after an alleged explicit video of him whipping a woman surfaced on the internet. He has maintained that the woman consented to the actions.

Conclusion and irresponsible platforming

Andrew Tate's recent fame in the streaming community stems from his sexist arguments against xQc and other streamers on Adin Ross's Twitch stream. In his arguments, Tate:

  • Dehumanized women by openly labeling his partners as property
  • Reinforced sexist stereotypes about women's driving skills
  • Explained why he does not let his girlfriends go to the bar because that would be like "parking your car in a place where it can get stolen."

Felix and Train, in a discussion after the "debate," talked about how irresponsible statements made by popular streamers and internet personalities can influence the audience to do actual harm. Hasan Piker in a recent stream agreed, calling Andrew Tate:

"A s*x trafficker in Romania who is evading the law. I don't understand how he is on the Adin Ross stream..."

The internet is already teeming with hate, misogyny and anti-woman narratives. In such deplorable circumstances, the last thing we need is a British-American millionaire living in Romania, teaching people how to make money with his ultra-masculine "powers" and how to dehumanize women.

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Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul
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