The entire Andrew Tate vs xQc controversy explained

Andrew Tate and xQc's controversial debate (Image via Sportskeeda)
Andrew Tate and xQc's controversial debate (Image via Sportskeeda)

Andrew Tate has once again become the talk of the town after having a heated discussion with Twitch streamers xQc, Adin Ross, LosPollosTV, and others. Their debate, which has since gone viral, was a somewhat convoluted mess, most things considered.


Tate is notorious for his chauvinism and has been dubbed the "King of Toxic Masculinity," a title he wears with pride. The professional kickboxer first came into the spotlight with his controversial tweets during the early #MeToo movement, resulting in Twitter's suspension of his account.

It begs the question: Why was Andrew Tate on a discord call with so many famous Twitch streamers? Is it safe to give such a big platform to a person known for their radically backward views about women's societal roles?

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Andrew Tate has made highly questionable statements and was investigated for human trafficking

Tate is a British-American kickboxer with a notorious track record for making outlandish statements. A few months ago, his house was raided by the Romanian authorities as he was investigated for human trafficking, according to The Daily Beast.

Tate is perhaps best known for his highly controversial social media posts. During the public outcry about the Harvey Weinstein scandal, Tate made statements in favor of Weinstein, ultimately amounting to victim blaming.

An article by The Independent quotes a now-deleted tweet by Tate:

"If you put yourself in a position to be ra*ed, you must bare [sic] some responsibility... with se*ual assault they want to put zero blame on the victim whatsoever."

Tate has since distanced himself from most of these views. In a recent interview with Adin Ross, he claimed that he is not sexist, but during the debate, he continued to play up stereotypes about women.

Some of Tate's misogynistic talking points on the stream

One of the kickboxer's first arguments with xQc was his comments on women's driving. During the conversation, Tate posed the following question to xQc:

“So when you see the worst parking you’ve ever seen in your life, you don’t think it’s a female, it’s just as equally likely to be a man in your view?”

While Felix opined that gender has nothing to do with driving skills, Andrew Tate disagreed by stating that his personal experience led him to a different conclusion. Later, Tate compared his female partners to cars parked on the curb.

In an insanely bigoted argument, Andrew Tate explained his views on how women should be barred from the clubs. Tate compared clubs and bars to a car park. He had no hesitation admitting that women were objects to him, like a car he would own. Here's how he formulated his point while talking about women in a relationship:

"The fact is it is irresponsible for me to put her in a scenario where people will attempt it."

Andrew Tate described his philosophy on avoiding a situation where someone steals his partner at the club. He continued:

"If I walk out to a carpark and someone's trying to break into my car. Even if the locks to my are secure. I would still decimate the said individual for attempting to steal my property."

To this, xQc had an apt response. He said:

"It doesn't make sense in the real world. Because you don't park your f***ing girl on the curb at the club. They move, they talk, they do sh**."

Andrew Tate had another oddly narrow take about how women "naturally prefer older men." He argued that a man is always the more experienced and stable person in the relationship.

"If you are a man with a woman, you are likely older, a lot older. So you are wiser by default. You are probably, if you are a successful man, more successful than her. You've seen a lot of things, you've seen a lot more violence than she has, etc, etc, etc. You are very qualified to have."

xQc's speaking skills leave room for improvement

Felix might be one of the most successful streamers, but his speech can sometimes appear unclear and garbled. Many have commented on social media about his inability to answer questions perfectly. It is important to note that the debate was many hours long and Felix did not shine in most interactions.

He and TrainwrecksTV kept constantly interrupting their opponent. Andrew Tate kept up the facade of always winning the argument as a vastly superior public speaker. It would make sense as the man has created a brand as a 'motivational speaker' who pushes regressive talking points.

At one point, xQc even apologized to Tate after pointing out legitimate concerns with his line of questioning, which was not good for the optics for Felix. After Andrew Tate stormed out of the call, xQc made a good point about being more responsible when platforming such talking heads. Taking a page out of Destiny's book, he said:

"You think that you are sayin, 'Oh dude, women can't drive. Haha.' Chat says haha, but you know for a fact that there is a decent portion of people out there like, 'Yeah!!! F*** they can't drive, f***ing women."... You are literally empowering people that are dogs***t."

With a known chauvinist like Andrew Tate on the panel, a high dose of misogyny in today's stream was expected. xQc now believes it is irresponsible to give a platform to such a regressive voice, and many have agreed with this view.

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