Watch: Greekgodx goes on another misogynistic rant just days after being banned

Greekgodx went on another misogynistic rant on his return from his three-day ban from Twitch (Image via Twitter)
Greekgodx went on another misogynistic rant on his return from his three-day ban from Twitch (Image via Twitter)

Dimitri "Greekgodx" returned from his three-day ban from Twitch on July 2. He received a suspension from the platform shortly after a rant-filled stream where he'd offered some controversial takes on everything from dating all the way to religion. However, he claimed that the reason Twitch had banned him was for twerking on stream.

Back on stream after his suspension, Greek went on another misogynistic rant, describing women as manipulative and controlling. He said that women call him sexist because he is too much of an "alpha male." He added:

"They want a f****** beta soy male so they can take control over him, not only emotionally but physically."

Greekgodx has more inappropriate things to say following ban

Four days ago, Greekgodx received a three-day ban on his Twitch account shortly after a stream where he went on multiple controversial rants. Talking about his dating life, he addressed female streamers, saying that they would have to halt their streaming career if they wanted a relationship with him.

"This goes to any women, women who wanna date me. Especially female streamers that wanna date me. If you wanna date me, you better believe, even if you are streaming, you're gonna have to stop streaming. Your career is done."

He continued by saying that he wanted a relationship with strictly-enforced gender roles, where he would work and earn money while his partner would be responsible for all of the cooking, cleaning, and child care.

"I will stream while you cook for me and you clean for me and look after the children. I gain all the money, and I give it to you, and I give it to our children for a healthy secure life."

Many streamers responded to his regressive rant, including OTK members Mizkif and Asmongold, who Greek called out in another rant for baiting negativity for content. He was banned shortly after, although he claims that it had nothing to do with his rant and was due to him twerking on stream.

I have been a naughty boy no more twerking from me! Sorry boys ill keep that type of content for ticktok!…

While it is unclear if that was truly the reason for his ban, Greekgodx returned three days later and has already returned to ranting about women. This time, on his return, he claimed that women who call him a misogynist simply can't handle alpha males, saying that they want a beta male that they can manipulate and control.

"They can't f****** control an alpha male, okay? We barely can control ourselves. We go to the f****** gym, and we become monsters. We barely can control ourselves, you think you can control us? No you can't."

While he may not receive a ban for voicing his regressive views, Greek is likely to face more community backlash for recent inappropriate comments.

Viewers react to sexist rant by Greekgodx

Many viewers of Greek's latest rant are examining his claims of being an alpha male, saying that he comes across as insecure.

Others commented on how he seems to have not missed a beat after the ban, picking up his verbal tirades right where he left off four days ago.

While he's given no indication that he's joking, many viewers are wondering when these rants by Greekgodx will die down.

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