Why was Greekgodx banned from Twitch?

Why did Greekgodx get banned from Twitch? (Image via Sportskeeda)
Why did Greekgodx get banned from Twitch? (Image via Sportskeeda)

Greekgodx recently got banned from Twitch. The British streamer was quite chaotic today with numerous controversial rants about women, religion and underage gambling. But according to his recent tweet, the actual reason for his ban was due to him twerking on stream:

While twerking on stream might be a reason for the ban, it is also plausible that it had something to do with the alleged rants, which were sexist in nature.

What else did Greekgodx do on stream which got him banned for three days?

Several Twitteratis and Redditors promptly shared Greek's bizarre rants on several platforms before his ban, so clips of the stream are still available.


In this particular clip, the streamer can be heard spouting very regressive and sexist notions about women. While talking about his dating life, Greekgodx wanted to let any potential partners know exactly what he expected his girlfriend to do.

The streamer would command them to cook food, clean and specifically not earn money because he would be the sole breadwinner of the house. Unsurprisingly, his views on partnership and women drew a lot of ire. The streamer spouted:

"And this goes to any women, women who wanna date me. Especially female streamers that wanna date me. If you wanna date me? You better believe, even if you are streaming, you're gonna have to stop streaming... Your career is done."

He elaborated that he will be the one to support his partner and she is only required to be in the role of a caregiver:

"I will stream while you cook for me and you clean for me, and look after the children. And I gain all the money, and I give it to you and I give it to our children for a healthy secure life."

Greek, however, staunchly rejected those views when asked on Twitter. Replying to a tweet which asked if it was the twerking or the rants that caused the fine, he claimed:

In the same stream, he even went after OTK and Mizkif, claiming that they bait drama for content and that he himself is better than them. The controversial streamer has been on the receiving end of a lot of flak from the streaming community and it also reflects on his growth. According to the graph below, his follower growth and concurrent viewership has lately declined:

Greekgodx's Twitch statistics (Image via TwitchTracker)
Greekgodx's Twitch statistics (Image via TwitchTracker)

It is clear that while most social media likes to troll any streamer when they go through a rough patch, there is truth in people complaining about the falling quality of Greekgodx's content.

Social media reacts to Greekgodx's ban

A Twitter user managed to share a clip of the twerking which allegedly got the streamer banned:

Greek got a varied number of comments, with some expressing discontent about the ban while others supported it, claiming that he deserves it. Many of the tweets lamented the decline of the old Greekgodx, who according to them was a good streamer but has now become progressively worse.

Redditors also had their theories and some made fun of the streamer's latest content:

Greekgodx also talked about how children should be allowed to gamble for exposure. While twerking on stream is not very rare, Twitch sometimes awards bans without stating the exact reason. So it is up to people's discretion whether they want to believe the suspension was imposed due to Dimitri's antiquated rants or his dancing.

The streamer has said in a tweet that he will be back in 72 hours, so fans can expect him to start streaming soon.