"Imagine beating me as your last fight" - Chris Eubank Jr. tells Kell Brook to come out of retirement

Kell Brook (left), Chris Eubank Jr. (right)
Kell Brook (left), Chris Eubank Jr. (right)

Kell Brook announced his retirement from boxing on Saturday 7th May after a spectacular victory over British rival Amir Khan. Following his win, speculation began to circulate around Brook's next fight, with rumors suggesting he would either rematch Amir Khan, fight Chris Eubank Jr. or fight Conor Benn.

Despite the Brit announcing his retirement, Chris Eubank Jr. still appears to want the fight with Brook as he urges him out of retirement for 'greatness'.

Eubank Jr. recently spoke with iFL TV and was asked about Khan and Brook's retirement:

"Listen, I understand Amir [Khan]. He's done great things in the sport but he hasn't got anything left, that was shown to us in his last fight. Kell Brook on the other hand, still has gas in the tank."

Eubank Jr. also added:

"He [Brook] still has the ability to fight well and to make money, so I can't understand and wrap my head around why he would not have one more fight, one more payday, one more shot at greatness. Imagine beating me as your last fight. You'd sail off into the sunset on that, that's beautiful."

Watch Eubank's full interview here:


Will Kell Brook be tempted to come out of retirement for a Chris Eubank Jr. fight?

Chris Eubank Jr. is one of the most talked about fighters in British boxing and he knows how to sell a fight with his self-promotion. Eubank has the ability to place tempting sums of money in front of Brook. This could easily convince him to come out of retirement after less than a week.

Brook proved in his final fight against Amir Khan that he can still compete at a high level. Although Khan looked to be a shadow of his former self, Brook still looked very impressive at the age of 35 at the time.

With Eubank claiming that Brook will run out of money in the coming years, we could easily see him come out of retirement for one last dance.

Watch Brook's full fight against Amir Khan here, via Sky Sports Boxing:


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