Watch: Former UFC champion Holly Holm tears up during IBHOF 2022 speech

UFC Singapore Fight Night [courtesy of Getty]
UFC Singapore Fight Night [courtesy of Getty]

Holly Holm nearly came to tears during her induction speech for the Boxing Hall of Fame 2022. During her speech, she thanked her family for supporting her when she found her passion in the sport of boxing. While talking about them and how much their support meant to her, she was nearly brought to tears.

Speaking about her coach, Holly Holm once again had to hold back tears as she stated:

"He believed in me."

She noted that she only made it as far as she did because of the love and support of her team and coaches. She was grateful for her induction into the Hall of Fame, and shared that joy with her team.

Holm also thanked the women that came before her, stating that she would not have had the opportunities in boxing that she did without them having paved the way for her.

She posted this picture to her Instagram, celebrating her induction:

Watch the clip here:


Holly Holm's most memorable fights

Currently, Holly Holm is best known for her career in MMA, including the shocking knockout of the seemingly unbeatable Ronda Rousey that catapulted Holm into stardom. Much like her MMA career, Holm has had some incredible moments in the boxing ring.

She finished her boxing career with a record of 33-2-3, with 9 knockouts to her credit. She held multiple belts and defended her titles a total of 18 times in three weight classes. She was also noted as a two-time The Ring Fighter of the Year (2005, 2006). Holm has also made history as being the first and only fighter to hold both a world boxing title and a UFC title.

Some of Holly Holm's most notable fights are with Duda Yankovich and Anne Sophie Mathis.

Yankovich came in with an undefeated record for their bout. During the fight, her jab was the most effective tool over their rounds together, so much so that eventually it caused Yankovich to quit in her corner between rounds. This earned Holly Holm a TKO victory and the WIBA Welterweight Title.

In her first match with Anne Sophie Mathis in 2011, things did not go Holm's way. Unfortunately, after having been pushed through the ropes, a knockout in the seventh round ended the fight. When they rematched in 2012, Holm was a different opponent and did not allow Mathis to utilize her power that earned her 23 knockouts throughout her career.

Instead, Holm used quick feet to move about the ring, and eventually earned the win over Mathis. After the fight, Holm stated:

"I had to overcome a lot of fears, overcome a lot of doubts."

Her induction into the Hall of Fame is certainly well earned.

'The Preacher's Daughter' posted this photo with her father to Instagram:

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