KSI backs Logan Paul against Jake Paul - "Case closed"  

(from left) Logan Paul, KSI and Jake Paul.
(from left) Logan Paul, KSI and Jake Paul.

KSI spoke about a potential fight between Jake Paul and Logan Paul. 'The Problem Child' recently announced his return to the ring, and fans have been speculating whether they will get to see the Paul brothers fight each other. the 'Holiday' singer tweeted out in response to this, saying:

"Logan Paul beats everyone that Jake Paul has fought against. Case closed."

The Brit and Logan Paul have gone from bitter rivals to friends and now business partners. 'The Maverick and 'The Nightmare' are the faces of their hydration drink Prime. Ever since the announcement of the business partnership, the pair have been spotted out together and have shown respect and appreciation for each other on social media. 'The Maverick' even took his new friend's side against his brother on his podcast. Rampage Jackson claims Jake and Logan Paul resurrected boxing - Marca… 🥊

The internet can't get enough of this friendship. Jake Paul has officially announced his return date as August 13. KSI and Logan Paul have not confirmed or denied a return to the ring.

For 'The Nightmare,' it will be his first fight since fighting Logan Paul in 2019. On the other hand, Paul fought in June last year against Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Take a look at KSI's tweet:

Logan Paul beats everyone that Jake Paul has fought against. Case closed.

KSI reacts to Behzinga becoming a dad

The 'Holiday' singer reacted to the news of his fellow YouTuber Behzinga (Ethan Payne) becoming a dad. Behzinga announced that he was expecting a child with his partner Faith Louis. In a video where he reacted to his Reddit, he spoke about his fellow 'Sidemen' member becoming a dad.

"Yeah I know Ethan's very excited, it's a new chapter. And best believes the Sidemen will still be going strong. Obviously there's a lot of people saying like, 'Ah the Sidemen are over.' If anything, we're gonna be putting out even more content. We're going to make a lot of changes to make sure that we satisfy you lot. So don't worry guys you will get satisfied, at our expense."

While it's unknown whether the new child will affect Behzinga's involvement in the 'Sidemen.' According to the 'Holiday' singer, it will mean more content.

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