"I thought GGG won both" Teddy Atlas says Gennady Golovkin should be undefeated against pound-for-pound king Canelo Alvarez

GGG vs. Canelo (left) and Teddy Atlas (right) [Image Courtesy: @boxingworldwide and @teddy_atlas on Instagram]
GGG vs. Canelo (left) and Teddy Atlas (right) [Image Courtesy: @boxingworldwide and @teddy_atlas on Instagram]
Shivam Khatwani

Two fights between Canelo Alvarez and GGG have not been enough to come to a conclusion on who's the better fighter. Many have debated over the years on how the first fight was clearly won by Gennady Golovkin. Some even feel like the second fight was won by GGG and not Canelo. Teddy Atlas falls under the same category and feels both fights were won by the Kazakh.

Recently speaking on his show 'THE FIGHT with Teddy Atlas,' the boxing coach talked about how he thinks GGG should've won both fights.

"I thought GGG won both, the second one he won with his jab. It was not with the fire fighting or the aggression so much but he adapted, he used his jab. It was close but I thought he won."

It seems like the need of the hour is to make GGG vs. Canelo III happen. The world has been split in two with a debate of who's the better fighter and there seems to be only one way to find out. Get those two back in the ring again and settle their rivalry once and for all.

However, the ball to make this happen seems to be in Gennady Golovkin's court. Canelo Alvarez has claimed he is open to fighting GGG again but that needs to happen at 168 lbs.

Now that Alvarez has accomplished his undisputed goal, it’s finally time for Canelo-GGG 3. There’s unfinished business and it’s his biggest commercial fight“I would love the fight. Why not? If he’s open to come up to 168, I’m ready. Always.”…

The two previously fought at 160 lbs i.e. middleweight. Canelo has since moved up in weight and conquered the super-middleweight division. The Mexican plans on staying in the super-middleweight division for a while and will face Golovkin if he steps up to his weight class.

What's next for Canelo Alvarez?

The fight that makes the most sense as of now is the trilogy with GGG. However, it depends on whether Golovkin steps up to super-middleweight or not. Regardless, Canelo Alvarez has a bunch of opponents in line that can take him on next.

The pound-for-pound king might just move up in weight and fight in the light-heavyweight division next. Whatever happens moving forward, you can certainly expect Canelo Alvarez to further solidify his incredible legacy.

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