"I go in there and knock him out" Logan Paul says he'd 'destroy' Mike Tyson

Logan Paul (left) and Mike Tyson (right) [Image courtesy: @loganpaul and @miketyson on Instagram]
Logan Paul (left) and Mike Tyson (right) [Image courtesy: @loganpaul and @miketyson on Instagram]
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Speculation of Logan Paul and Mike Tyson squaring off in the ring has stirred for a while now. While most rational people aren't giving Paul a chance against 'Iron Mike,' the 'Maverick' not only believes he can beat the iconic former champ, but is confident of knocking him out.

.@LoganPaul is CONFIDENT he would beat @MikeTyson. 😳

Recently, Paul was on hand to support his younger brother Jake at his Paul vs. Fury press conference. While talking to a swarm of reporters, Logan Paul opened up on why he thinks he can put Tyson down.

"I'm telling you, I would f***ing beat Tyson. If people would watch that fight, then yes, I do. He's too old. He's too old."

The elder Paul is certainly confident Tyson's age will play a huge factor if and when they meet. He also compared a mega-event with Mike Tyson to his recent showdown with Floyd Mayweather Jr. Not only did Paul last the entire eight rounds against arguably the best fighter ever, he even gave Mayweather a tough fight.

Watch Logan Paul's full interview with Fight Hub below:

Paul believes Mike Tyson is no different than any other retired fighter and his in-ring skills are worn by age. He seems confident of knocking out 'Iron Mike' but has reservations about what that'd entail.

"He's aged. Father time takes a toll on everyone. And Tyson's what 56? Like what happens? I go in there and knock him out. For what?" Said Logan Paul

Further, Logan Paul and Mike Tyson have a friendly relationship and the former heavyweight champion has always spoken highly of Paul. However, if enough money is on the table, which there will be, we can keep our fingers crossed for an eventual Paul vs. Tyson meeting.

Will Mike Tyson vs Logan Paul ever happen, though?

Speculation aside, Mike Tyson facing Logan Paul seems unlikely for various reasons. As mentioned, Logan and Tyson have a good relationship. Logan has also made it clear beating a personal idol is not worth any amount of money.

Mike Tyson confirms return to ring with Logan Paul potential next…

However, the possibility of the fight happening cannot be completely left under the dust. In a world where anything is possible, fans would love to see this spectacle. A Paul vs Tyson event could be one of the biggest boxing shows ever.

Time will tell if anything comes from the regular smack talk between Logan Paul and Mike Tyson.

Do you think Mike Tyson and Logan Paul will finally square off? Leave a comment below.

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