“I got rid of the fu***** Iron Mike fu***** image and now I am Kind Mike”- Mike Tyson makes a bold claim

Hublot & WBC "Night of Champions" Gala
Mike Tyson at Hublot & WBC "Night of Champions" Gala

Mike Tyson no longer terrorizes opponents inside the ring. Although he can still pack a mean punch, the legend is not ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ anymore. The 56-year-old former heavyweight king detailed how his personality has changed over the years in a chat with US rapper Bobby Shmurda.

Shmurda appeared on 'Iron Mike’s' Hotboxin' podcast, where the two talked about several things. Since both men are from Brooklyn, they could connect on the stories of their native place. Tyson pinpointed the similarities between him and the US rapper:

"You did what I did man. You got fu**** up with that gig. How could I come back? I went back from a gangster ni**** to fu***** happy fu***** billionaire. You gotta be a nice ni****. You gotta be nice, that's the route you are going. I see you ni****, I have been there. I know... I got rid of the fu***** Iron Mike fu***** image and now I am Kind Mike. The nice people don’t fight people back.”

Watch the full episode of the podcast below:


Tyson has been through several controversies in his life. He has experienced global stardom, wealth, and boxing achievements as well as imprisonment and bankruptcy.

Tyson remains one of the most popular people on the planet. He laced up the boxing gloves again in 2020 and fought Roy Jones Jr. in an exhibition contest. It is safe to say that Mike Tyson still has a fighter in him.

Will we see Mike Tyson enter the ring again?

Tyson claimed that he would accept more fights in the future after looking dominant against Roy Jones Jr. A potential trilogy against Evander Holyfield and a rematch against Lennox Lewis were also touted. However, nothing came close to fruition, especially after Holyfield lost against former UFC champion Vitor Belfort via KO in his comeback.

Mike Tyson has also dived into several movie, business, and media projects. His health has deteriorated, too, and we have possibly seen him for the last time inside the boxing ring. Tyson can still choose to fight and wouldn't have difficulty finding popular opponents, but he shouldn't risk his health at this point.

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