Recap of Hasim Rahman Jr. getting knocked out by James McKenzie Morrison, ahead of the Jake Paul fight 

Hasim Rahman Jr. (@hasimrahmanjr), James McKenzie Morrison, Jake Paul (@jakepaul) [Images courtesy via Instagram and Box Ranking]
Hasim Rahman Jr. (@hasimrahmanjr), James McKenzie Morrison, Jake Paul (@jakepaul) [Images courtesy via Instagram and Box Ranking]

Heading into the fight with Jake Paul on August 6th, Hasim Rahman Jr. holds a 12-1 record with 6 knockouts. The only blemish on the heavyweight's record came from his most recent bout against James McKenzie Morrison back in April.

Rahman Jr. and Morrison were evenly stacked in terms of stats as they headed into the match to fight for the WBC-USNBC Heavyweight Title, with everything from their age, height, weight, and reach being almost identical. Both entered the bout as undefeated fighters, with Rahman Jr. holding a 12-0 record and Morrison holding a 19-0-2 record with 17 knockouts.

The match opened with the two trading blows early on in the first minute of the first round. Rahman Jr. stood southpaw against Morrison's orthodox and remained calm, even while under constant pressure from his opponent.

Morrison often pushed Rahman Jr. toward the ropes and maintained forward pressure the entire match while Rahman Jr. caught him with jabs and body shots as he moved in.

The match was scheduled for 10 rounds, and while Morrison was looking tired against a fresh and sharp Rahman Jr., all it takes is one opening to end the fight.

In round five, Morrison came out of the gate swinging heavy and floored Rahman Jr. once. He was able to return to his feet after only a moment, but when he was rocked for a second time immediately after, the bout was waved off with 1:24 left in the round.

It was contested by Hasim Rahman Jr., who was still on his feet and coherent, but the bout was still ruled a TKO win for Morrison.

Watch the full fight here:


Hasim Rahman Jr. bouncing back against Jake Paul

The son of the man who beat Lennox Lewis, Hasim Rahman Jr. is looking to bounce back from his TKO loss when he faces Jake Paul on August 6th.

Jake Paul chose Rahman Jr. as his opponent to add legitimacy to his boxing record since Rahman Jr. is a professional boxer, unlike Paul's previous foes. Since the start of his boxing career, Paul has dealt with doubts from fighters and fans alike who weren't sure how serious he was taking boxing or if it was just another stunt to draw attention to himself.

With Rahman Jr., Paul believes that if he can beat him, then he will have proven himself to be a legitimate boxer.

Hasim Rahman Jr., on the other hand, is looking to prove that the boxing ring is no place for a YouTuber.

Rahman Jr. added these photos to his Instagram:

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