"Moronic vultures" - Sylvester Stallone blasts Dolph Lundgren and producers for Ivan Drago spin-off

Sylvester Stallone (left) and Dolph Lundgren (right) (Image credits Getty Images)
Sylvester Stallone (left) and Dolph Lundgren (right) (Image credits Getty Images)

Sylvester Stallone blasted Dolph Lundgren, producer Irwin Winkler, and his children Charles and David Winkler for a Drago spin-off. The 76-year-old did not hold back as he revealed his thoughts on social media in since deleted Instagram posts.

Stallone was the brains behind the hit movie series Rocky. He created an entire series of films, all of which were hits in the box office.

Here's what he had to say in a series of since deleted Instagram posts:

“Just found this out… ONCE AGAIN, IRWIN WINKLER, this PATHETIC 94-year-old PRODUCER and HIS MORONIC VULTURE CHILDREN, Charles And David are once again picking clean THE BONES of another wonderful character I created without even telling me. I APOLOGIZE to the FANS, I never wanted ROCKY characters to be exploited by these parasites."

He continued:

“By the way, I once had nothing but respect for Dolph but he NEVER told me about what was going on behind my back with the character I created for him!!! REAL FRIENDS are more precious than gold.”

Following the original Rocky series, Sylvester Stallone came out with the Creed series, starring Michael B. Jordan, where Balboa became a trainer. In an attempt to copy this, producer Irwin Winkler and his sons teased a new project. It shows the life of Drago with Dolph Lundgren acting as the main character.

I’d like to congratulate Irwin Winkler and family beating another wonderful character into the ground! # no shame…

Lundgren and Sylvester Stallone are close friends, which made the 76-year-old furious to hear the news of a spin-off based on a character he created.

Dolph Lundgren responds to Sylvester Stallone on Instagram

Dolph Lundgren played Ivan Drago in Rocky and has acted alongside Sylvester Stallone in multiple movies. He responded to the whole situation on Instagram.

The 64-year-old tried his best to explain the situation and assured fans that he is in contact with his former co-star and is trying to make things better:

"Just to set the record straight regarding a possible Drago spinoff. There’s no approved script, no deals in place, no director and I was personally under the impression that my friend Sly Stallone was involved as a producer or even as an actor."

He added:

"There was a press leak last week which was unfortunate. In touch with Mr Balboa - just so all the fans can relax…There ya go"

He assured the fans that this was not a public fallout, rather a case of miscommunication. Lundgren also said that the movie is not official yet and it was just an idea that the producers presented him with.

Take a look at his Instagram post:

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