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Stats: The incredible numbers behind Floyd Mayweather's win over Conor McGregor

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An epic end to an epic fight.
An epic end to an epic fight.

The fight of the millennium is done and dusted. From the dust has emerged a champion, the likes of which nobody has ever seen before.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s victory over Conor McGregor cemented him as the greatest boxer of his generation if that wasn't the case already. The imposing 49-0 record before the fight turned into 50-0 following a grueling 10 round showdown with the American finally winning by TKO after a battered McGregor had virtually teetered towards a collapse.

The fight was more entertaining than most thought it would be, especially after the somewhat disappointing 2015 bout between Mayweather and Manny Pacquaio in what was heavily considered to be the fight of a lifetime. Credit to McGregor too, as he gave it his all early on in the fight landing punches where he could and even forcing the veteran American to retreat at times.

But as is the case with Mayweather, he always manages to use his experience and tenacity to grind out a victory. His stamina remained intact and he power punched his way through Conor's weak defences on course to an ultimately historic triumph. But how exactly do the numbers stack up in favour of "Money" Mayweather? Well, as you might expect, they make good reading for the unbeaten champ. Mayweather reportedly landed 58% of his power punches on McGregor, according to statistics released by Showtime Sports 

In his previous big money fight against Pacquaio, Mayweather landed just 34% of his strikes, leading to a more defensive approach which finally held him in good stead at the end of the match. It helped that Pacquaio himself only managed a measly 19%.

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This time, however, a more attack minded approach could be seen with vicious rights and lefts stunning the Irishman who did well to stay on his feet. Conor himself did mount some offence but even that was only around the 25% mark, making Mayweather's numbers seem terrifying in comparison.

Following the early barrage of strikes, McGregor's offence soon faded away and the real boxing prowess of Mayweather was definitely on display. While McGregor deserves respect for hanging in there for as long as he did, we sure realised on this day who the real boss of the boxing ring really is. Here's a lowdown of all the stats from the fight of the millennium:


Jabs landed: 18 of 59 (31%)

Power punches landed: 152 of 261 (58%)

Total punches landed: 170 of 320 (53%)


Jabs landed: 27 of 98 (28%)

Power punches landed: 84 of 332 (25%)

Total punches landed: 111 of 430 (26%)

ESPN did their own bit in bringing all the numbers from the fight:

Here's a comparison of stats by TSN's Aaron Bronsteter:

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