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Cricket Originals

Cricket Originals The name says it all. This is a channel for you guys to find out the inside story behind the rise of celebrity cricketers and life stories of cricketers across the world.

What to expect in Cricket Originals? Interesting, engaging and from the bottom of the heart interaction with cricketers in MindVoice chat show.

It is not just another cricket interview or a player interview, this is all about the actual 'MindVoice' of players at various critical junctures of their lives.

Documentaries: Inside Story of Cricketers: Most of us know cricketers on the field but how they were off the field and the sweat and pain they had to endure to become champion cricketers is something that goes unheard. Here you can find the inside story of cricketers and their rise from obscurity to international cricketing stars.

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