Adidas Supernova Sequence Boost 8 Review

Adidas Supernova Sequence Boost 8
Adidas Supernova Sequence Boost 8

The Supernova series form Adidas is there in the market for quite some time now. It has become a standard for stability and long-term durability. When stability and comfort take priority, people go to this shoe. Adidas unveiled the Supernova Sequence Boost 8 in July 2015. Let us throw some light on the eight generation of Sequence from Adidas.


Heel height: 27mm

Toe height: 17mm

Heel-to-toe drop: 10mm

Adidas Supernova Sequence Boost 8 is a standard support running shoe ideal for road running. The men’s version of the shoe comes in four exciting colorways. The same is the case for the women’s version. The fit is brilliant. The shoe is true to its size. A size 9 men’s shoe weighs 338g while a size 7 women’s shoe weighs 289g, this is heavy when compared with other running shoes in the industry.

Sequence Boost 8 boasts an engineered mesh upper. This provides an excellent fit along with enhanced breathability. These shoes are very comfortable. You feel that these shoes are a part of your body. The seamless upper construction means that you will experience minimal irritation. Like Asics’s Comfordry sock-liner, we also see a sock-liner in this shoe. This should offer great cushioning in the underfoot area.

Engineered Mesh Upper
Engineered Mesh Upper

Like Adidas Tempo Boost 7 and Adidas Ultra Boost, we see the Boost midsole. Boost material is the best non-foam cushioning system in the industry right now (Adidas standard). This material is comprised of TPU pellets that offer ultimate cushioning. The best part about Boost is that, this cushioning system is both soft and responsive. Energy return is incredible. Every foot strike feels effortless.

Boost Midsole
Boost Midsole

To increase the stability of the ride, Adidas introduced an EVA Stable Frame into the shoe. It will provide excellent lockdown and will help in reducing over pronation. For supreme stability, this shoe includes a Torsion system. This thermoplastic unit in the midfoot area allows independent movement of forefoot and rearfoot.

Like Adidas Supernova Glide Boost 7, the Supernova Sequence Boost 8 also features a Continental rubber outsole (Yes, Continental is a German tire manufacturing company). This should provide unparalleled traction in both wet and dry weather conditions. Statistically, 21% more traction in dry weather and 23% more traction if wet weather when compared to other outsoles in the running shoe industry. Apart from this, the outsole is highly durable. Take proper care of the shoe and you will easily clock over 500km with the same pair.

Continental Rubber Outsole 
Continental Rubber Outsole

This shoe is ideal for people looking for stability and support. It offers supreme ride comfort. The cushioning is fantastic. On the cons, this shoe is slightly heavy and we see a small amount of tongue slide. If you are an over-pronator and want to correct that foot movement, this shoe is the way to go.

Adidas Supernova Sequence Boost 8 retails at $130 i.e., around 8,400INR. Availability in India is TBA.

Bottom-line: Great support running shoe for high-mileage running.

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