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10 Most Difficult Video Game Levels

  • If you are a gaming geek, your life’s precious moments are spent exploring a fantasy world surrounded by hordes of monsters, or Nazis or the und ...
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Modified 18 Jan 2015, 12:30 IST

If you are a gaming geek, your life’s precious moments are spent exploring a fantasy world surrounded by hordes of monsters, or Nazis or the undead.  You immerse yourself so much in that game that you are no longer the boring, unpopular nerd ( my case, at least!!!).  Instead you are a battle-scarred Gothic warrior or a bad-ass mercenary or at least an irresponsible soldier.  But how much bad-ass you turn out to be, there will moments in your gaming life that you really have to sweat out buckets and tear out your hair in frustration just to cross a single level.Imagine the level of annoyance, when after hours of playing, you are so close to reaching the game’s end, and suddenly a level comes out from nowhere that send you straight in a quagmire of almost no return.  You fight and fight, and die countless deaths and yet there is no light at the end of the tunnel.  Left for dead, you swear at the computer so much that your mother screams at you from the kitchen.  If you have those painful memories in you, and I am sure you will, then presenting to you ten of the most difficult levels one can encounter in the gaming world. Beware! The honest gamer in you may be tempted to use the ultimate sins in gaming – trainers and cheat codes – while working on these levels!  Still, even they won’t be able to help you much!

#10 Mike Tysons Punch-out Mike Tyson

You know for the fact that, not even in your wildest dreams, are you going to knock out Mike Tyson in a boxing ring (Except, if your name happened be Mohammed Ali!).  Therefore, its really annoying when you are not allowed to make that wild fantasy of yours true in the gaming world as well.  After completing all the previous levels, you are now face-to-face with the man, only to find he has better moves, better punches and better than you at dodging punches. I was left praying that he doesn’t bite off my ear!

The Worst Part – Your avatar barely reaches Mike Tyson’s knees!  Talk about a total KO!!!

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Published 18 Jan 2015, 11:43 IST
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