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10 Most Difficult Video Game Levels

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If you are a gaming geek, your life’s precious moments are spent exploring a fantasy world surrounded by hordes of monsters, or Nazis or the undead.  You immerse yourself so much in that game that you are no longer the boring, unpopular nerd ( my case, at least!!!).  Instead you are a battle-scarred Gothic warrior or a bad-ass mercenary or at least an irresponsible soldier.  But how much bad-ass you turn out to be, there will moments in your gaming life that you really have to sweat out buckets and tear out your hair in frustration just to cross a single level.Imagine the level of annoyance, when after hours of playing, you are so close to reaching the game’s end, and suddenly a level comes out from nowhere that send you straight in a quagmire of almost no return.  You fight and fight, and die countless deaths and yet there is no light at the end of the tunnel.  Left for dead, you swear at the computer so much that your mother screams at you from the kitchen.  If you have those painful memories in you, and I am sure you will, then presenting to you ten of the most difficult levels one can encounter in the gaming world. Beware! The honest gamer in you may be tempted to use the ultimate sins in gaming – trainers and cheat codes – while working on these levels!  Still, even they won’t be able to help you much!

#10 Mike Tysons Punch-out Mike Tyson

You know for the fact that, not even in your wildest dreams, are you going to knock out Mike Tyson in a boxing ring (Except, if your name happened be Mohammed Ali!).  Therefore, its really annoying when you are not allowed to make that wild fantasy of yours true in the gaming world as well.  After completing all the previous levels, you are now face-to-face with the man, only to find he has better moves, better punches and better than you at dodging punches. I was left praying that he doesn’t bite off my ear!

The Worst Part – Your avatar barely reaches Mike Tyson’s knees!  Talk about a total KO!!!

#9 Witcher 2: The Assassins of Kings The Dragon

Don’t know about others, but I found this little level at the start of this very underrated but highly enjoyable game very difficult to get through. Whether it was the bugs in the game when the product first came out, or whether it was the sheer difficulty, I really had a hard time just to get the Witcher to walk across a few metres without getting charred by the dragon’s flames.

The Worst Part – You can’t even kill the beast that’s trying to kill you!!!

#8 Mortal Kombat 9 Shao Kahn

Witness your best friend get brutally killed by a monster of a man.  Witness you fighting in his place, full of revenge and rage, baying for the blood of the murderer.  And witness yourself getting pummeled to death by the same man you swore to kill!  It’s so difficult to move past this menace that you are tempted to rename this game as The Wrath of Kahn’!

The Worst Part You have to again face him in the climax, provided you are lucky enough to escape from his clutches in the previous level!! Talk about jumping from fire into the frying pan!!!


#7 Call of Duty 4 Epilogue

You feel you are Odin, the Asgardian All-father.  Nothing on the puny earth can harm you.  Feeling high on this newly discovered powerful persona in you, you decide to try out the Epilogue in COD4, that too, on the most badass mode – The Veteran Mode.  And what do you have to do? – Nothing much.  Just get on a plane filled with fully-armed enemy soldiers, and rescue just one hostage.  One second’s pause can kill you instantly.  The best part is, you only have one minute to do all this!!!  Not feeling so great about yourself then?  No worries, Asgard isn’t that far!!!

The Worst Part – You had actually completed the entire game quite easily.  This was just an after-dinner mint! Ever heard of ‘Pride taking a Fall…’?

#6 Contra Waterfall Level

Contra is the game that has turned many of the boys of the 90’s into bad-ass punks. It was really blissful to blast all those alien-controlled enemy soldiers with your best friend in tow.  Then came the waterfall level, and all the bliss you enjoyed till now goes down the water…sorry, drain!  Here, you have to kill the soldiers, while avoiding gun-turrets, missiles and death by falling into a valley.  And you have to do all this by continuously jumping vertically over the precariously placed ledges!!!!

The Worst Part – If your friend goes too ahead of you (or, in this case, above you), you will definitely die!!!  Dost Dost Na Raha???

#5 Battletoads - The Turbo Tunnel

I have never crossed this level without the help of an expert hand (please readI have never crossed this terror of a level on my own!). You actually start off easy here, hitting a few baddies on the way, wondering what the big fuss was all about in this level. Then you get hold of a speed-boat that travel through air, and you think, Cool! Thats where your real troubles start! The damn thing runs so fast that you can hardly hold your breath. Before you could even adjust to the speed, Voila! you have to avoid crashing into all the barriers that are placed in your path that follows a pattern, and then follows no pattern and then follows a pattern and then noPhew! Oh, I forgot to mention this! There are huge chasms that you have to jump across to save your skin. I still get nightmares remember this!

The Worst Part The whole damn level!!! Now I know why I am scared of driving!

#4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES) The Dam

If you observe this list carefully,you will realise the gamers from 80’s and 90’s had the worst challenges to face than the current era gamers. If you are scoffing at this statement, please check out this level.  Here you are one of the turtles defusing bombs that are placed underwater.  Sounds easy, right?  It is easy, if you count out continuously pressing the up and down button to keep the turtle afloat while avoiding electric rays and poisonous reeds.  I declare you God if you manage to survive this ordeal without losing even a single block of health. First this, and then Michael Bay decides to remake TMNT into a monstrosity!  Boy, I pity the turtles!

The Worst Part – Timer, Oh Timer!  Why do you have to screw our lives here as well???

#3 GoldenEye 007 Aztec

If you are a fan of the James Bond franchise and are familiar with a certain henchman, aptly named Jaws, you know you are in for a hell of time, if you are facing him in a game.  In one of the most difficultly drawn levels ever made in an FPS, you have the misfortune of fighting the best guerilla fighters with incredible accuracy that could put all of the Call of Duty franchisees to shame.  Plus, there are mazes and more mazes for you to lose your path many a times and find yourself in the firing line. And, of course, there is Mr. Jaws himself who needs more than fifteen bullets to his head to get himself out of your way.  That is, if you survive his two US AR33 Assault Rifles…

The Worst Part – If you thought by killing off Jaws, the worst is over, think again.  His death triggers off alarms that sets enemy soldiers upon you like bees on fresh nectar!  I am supposed to be James Bond; where are the ladies when you need them?

#2 Super Mario World Tubular Level

Oh Mario!  Why do you have to spoil our childhood by bringing out this…this…this sheer waste of our precious childhood time?  Easily one of the most frustrating game levels of all time, it requires all your gaming skills in dodging, hitting and scourging to cross this actually-less-than-a-minute level.  If your timing is as bad as Ajit Agarkar’s batting, say goodbye to your homework time and spend hours devising ways on getting across this damn level!

The Worst Part – If you can actually manage to cross this course, you would really feel it was not such a big deal! Silly of me to screw up my grades over this!

#1 Dark Souls Killing both Ornstein and Smough

Killing one Boss itself is a pain in the backside.  So what happens if you face two of the most powerful bosses in gaming history in the same level? Say your prayers as quick as possible; it’s going to be a hell of a fight!  Dark Souls is one of the darkest and terrifying games I have ever played. In this particular lever, you facing two monstrosities – Ornstein, who has lightning power and can move fast enough to evade your blows; and Smough, who is larger and more fearsome looking beast, with a vicious looking sledgehammer.  And you have to fight both of them at the same time!!!  Death is surely staring at your face even before you make your first move…

The Worst Part – If you manage to defeat one of the Bosses, the surviving one will absorb the defeated pal’s power and come after you! Watching Sidhu on ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’ seems less dangerous now!

If you are stuck at any other goddamn-awful gaming level, please feel free to share your woes in the comments section below!

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