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5 Basic wrestling techniques for beginners

Manish Verma
Modified 20 Mar 2019
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Wrestling is a grueling sport and a tough one to perfectWrestling as a sport is very popular worldwide and has legions of fans that follow it regularly. However, the moves which wrestling stars do in the ring, take years of practice to do safely.In order to become a good wrestler, you need to practise a few basic techniques. These are vital for all beginners to perfect, in order to avoid injuries while wrestling, and making an impact inside the ring. Let us have a look at five basic wrestling techniques for beginners.

#1 How to Stand

Wrestling uses two basic stances.

One of them is the square stance. Here wrestlers stand with both feet parallel to each other and weight evenly distributed on both feet. The other one is the staggered stance. In the staggered stance, one foot is ahead of the other and more weight is on the front foot.

In both the stances, the feet are slightly wider apart than shoulder width. Both stances require one’s knees and hips to be bent and a lowering of one’s body to lower the centre of gravity. It helps in maintaining perfect balance.

One should lean forward with his chest over the knees and the rear pushed backwards. Elbows should be bent, keeping them close to one’s torso and hands should be held in front of the body. 

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Published 20 Jan 2016, 23:43 IST
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