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5 Indian sports that could be included in the Olympics

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The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is planning on including sports such as Baseball and softball into the Olympic Sports list. Such inclusions will open up avenues for sports, which are region specific, but have the potential to go global.Apart from gifting the world sports such as badminton and Polo, India has a rich history of indigenous sports being played in different pockets, across the country.The ‘Rural Olympics’, which is held in Punjab every year also showcases these sports on the national level.  From patience to skill, all these sports require different skill sets like mainstream sport to perform well in.So, here a five Indian sports that could be included in the Olympics. 

#1 Mallakhamb

Mallakhamb being practiced in Maharashtra

This particular sport can most definitely be included under Gymnastics at the Olympics. The word’s literal translation means ‘pole-gymnastics’. A male-dominated sport, it is practised in villages during carnivals.

However, the past few years has seen a competitive scene develop for the sport. The Malkhamb Federation of India officially governs the sport in the country. You would be surprised to know that all 29 states had fielded a team at the last national Championship.

Originating in Maharashtra, Mallakhamb has four different categories – Under-12, Under-14, Under -18(Men and Women) and above-18.

India would be hot favourites for the title. 

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