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5 ways in which MMA has aided the world of Martial Arts

Nidhi Sharma
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They say, ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’ and in many ways, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) has been a friend to various martial arts around the globe. It’s not only wrestling but grappling, Jujitsu, etc.  It’s not only Karate but Kickboxing, Muaythai, Taekwondo, Sambo, etc. Yes, the etcetera is wherein it has facilitated in the revolution of the world of martial arts.This integration has not only been exciting but also has created accessibility to the viewers and fighters worldwide in understanding these martial arts, the techniques and the rules behind it.This list combines the prime ways in which MMA has changed the world of various martial arts for the better.   

#1 Improved Platform

The Octagon 

Various MMA championships and organizations give a single platform for the learning and display of martial arts. There are unified rules for all fighters coming from various backgrounds yet an opportunity to learn and gain experience in the art they are unaware of.  

The major advantage of this is that the platform extends to a global level.  You aren’t limited to state or national level rather you’re known as an international fighter…a global one. Better production houses, fighter facilities and more fame. Interesting eh?

#2 Better Reach


Easy promotion and popularity is the word.

As MMA puts in various martial arts and artists at one place, it indirectly integrates the fans at one place too. So the Brazilian Jiujutsu is no longer just for the Brazilians but for the world to see. Similarly, a particular mixed martial art from any region or country reaches many worldwide and creates a buzz of excitement. 

Due to the increasing demands and existing matchups, the fights are marketed very effectively via television (e.g. UFC and FOX partnerships), social media (e.g. OneFC on Twitter , Facebook), magazines and also games (e.g. Sudden Impact of UFC by EA Sports). This directly benefits all who are involved...fighters being the superstars of the same. 

Publicity also facilitates income for the fighters. They can earn at what they do best and also promote the culture they bring to the cage. Thus helping both the fighters and the art they represent.

#3 Abilities and Skills

Depiction of some of the various skills

Imagine Superman, Batman, Robin, Iron Man, Logan, Jackie Chan, etc fighting at one place! Well, don’t you think each might like to learn a thing or two from the other?

Well, quite similarly the fighters from various backgrounds get a chance to represent and also learn various skills due to MMA.The reach of these different arts creates awareness amongst fighters and also helps them train in these new arts and complete their game. This in turn facilitates the growth of that particular art too. 

Hybrid athletes are put together in interesting matchups each demonstrating their new and different skills in the game. The increase of cross training results in fighters evolving as multidimensional and well-rounded in their skill-sets. All at one place, accessible to everyone. 

#4 Improved Opportunities

ProMMA Bout supported by AIMMA

MMA helps in the making of hybrid athletes. Athletes coming from a particular background of martial arts learn new styles to better their game against the opponent, hence making up a hybrid style. From amateurs to pros, all have a chance. 

MMA being a single platform also helps the fighters to compete in different weight categories plus with fighters having different combat background from all around the globe which in turn facilitates growth. National players have access to better-formed fighter platforms to approach their aims of being with the international levels and state players have an opportunity to reach nationals and international levels. 

Let them be from a background of karate or boxing, they get to display their original art plus an opportunity to learn and display acquired ones. Testing their levels and also earning at what they do is what MMA has become for many. 

Also the WMMAA (World Mixed Martial Arts Association) and International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) have provided recognition under defined laws and procedures to various martial artists from all over the world (including national level fighters) to help the world of martial arts from all these countries.

#5 Unity/Brotherhood

National Anthem being honoured for different countries

Although it may seem like a violent sport, MMA represents brotherhood and international relations like any other sport. It has united all fighters from different countries in one place for their benefit, their art and country. 

This gives a silent yet bold message of acceptance and propagation of culture and hence brings about friendly relations amongst nations. Various organisations are coming together due to the formation of bodies like IMMAFand WMMAA to promote fighters and the sport around the globe.

It has created a friendly web of mixed martial artists who are just against each other in the cage but friends outside. 

Nidhi Sharma
Writer and a Fighter.
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