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Jai Prakash
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Learning to ride a bicycle takes a lot of time for most of us. Almost everyone who made the attempt fall, get up and get on their way again.Cycles are used only until a certain age after which one progresses to using a bike or other vehicles. However, there are few people who do not abide by this. They experiment with their cycles to an extent where extraordinary things are made to look ridiculously easy.It requires a lot of hard work coupled with skills. A lot of risk is associated with it and should not be attempted by anybody without proper supervision.

#5 Jason Fernando

Jason shows why he loves riding on a single wheel with complete control. He then ventures on the road and forgets that there is a thing called seat on a bicycle! He stands and amazingly there is not moment where he seems out of place.

He also drives backward like one does in the forward direction!

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Jai Prakash
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