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The 7 most notorious bad boys of the sporting world

Mayweather is not reticent when it comes to money To err is human. To forgive is, well, unbecoming of the public, especially when that human is an ...

Editor's Pick 15 Sep 2015, 16:16 IST

Mayweather is not reticent when it comes to moneyTo err is human. To forgive is, well, unbecoming of the public, especially when that human is an elite athlete or sportsperson. Average joes yell, throw objects or make their employees’ lives miserable. But take that personality trait and extrapolate it to include absurd wealth, negligible social cultivation and a media magnifying glass, and you have the quintessesntial sporting bad boy. The recent retirement of Floyd Mayweather has prompted us to create an assemblage of such specimens. The order is debatable, and the list could be bigger, but we decided to select only the most recognizable sportsters to grace this list. 

#1 Floyd Mayweather

The controversial KO of Victor Ortiz

Mayweather is a cliche. From originating in a broken home in a bad environment to an Olympic bronze, Mayweather’s success story is inspiring in earnest, regardless of the public persona he has cultivated to deliberately estrange himself from his observers. His boxing credentials are beyond reproach, despite his much-maligned fighting style. But “Money” has made as many headlines for his controversies outside the ring as inside it.

“The Best Ever” has thrice been charged with battery and convicted twice, with the last conviction resulting in a 60-day prison term. He also caught the ire of the public for his derogatory remarks against rapper T.I’s wife and ensuing bust-up. His controversial knockout of Victor Ortiz when the referee was looking away and his strained relationship with his father are other instances of his irreverence.   

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