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Everyone knows that athletes make a considerable fortune while they are still playing their respective sport but the money usually stops once they retire. However there are a few athletes who continue to pull in the dough despite retiring be it through wise investments or sponsorship deals. Here we take a look at the highest earning retired athletes.

#5 Magic Johnson

Income: $22 million

The LA Lakers legends investment skills are as good as his basketball skills and continues to earn a lot of money even though he retired in 1996. Johnson has stakes in the LA Lakers and Los Angeles Dodgers along with investments in food service, staffing, insurance and health care.

#4 Jack Nicklaus

Income: $30 million

Another golfer makes this rich list and this time its Jack Nicklaus. The 74-year-old earns his money through his 45-year-old company Nicklaus Design which as the name suggests helps design golf courses. The company has designed over 380 golf courses in 36 countries and is set to design 55 more in Asia.

#3 David Beckham

Income: $38 million

Retired English footballer David Beckham earned 38 million in 2013 alone thanks to endorsements with Coty cologne, H&M bodywear, Asia with Sands, China Auto Rental and an investment in the Chinese Super League. The former Manchester United and Real Madrid midfielder is expected to earn a lot more once his Miami based football team is up and running.

#2 Arnold Palmer

Income: $40 million

Iconic American golfer Arnold Palmer pulled in 40 million in 2013 which was his most successful financial year. Palmer has his own line of soft drinks called The Arnold Palmer which is produced by AriZona Beverages who generated 200 million in sales with his endorsement. The former golfer has 400 sports stores in Asia which deal in apparel and leather equipment.

#1 Michael Jordan

Income: $90 million

Legendary basketball player Michael Jordan still pulls in a pretty penny despite hanging up his shoes way back in 2003. The former Chicago Red Bulls point guard continues to earn money through Nike which produces his highly successful Air Jordan line of Basketball shoes which pulls in around 2 billion for the company who in turn gives a cut to Jordan. MJ also has tie ups with Gatorade, Hanes,Upper Deck and Five Star Fragrances 2K Sports andNovant Health who also give him a cut of their profits. The Olympic winner own a 80% stake in the Charlotte Bobcats which posted a profit for the first time in years which helped increase Jordans wealth.

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