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Top 10 adventure sports in India and where to do them

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There are a few places in India where people go just to test themselves in the adventure sports they have to offer. Adventure sports is catching the fancy of people who want to get out and do something different in their lives.From a great way to bond with your family and loved ones to testing yourself in the harshest of conditions, there is an option for everyone. Here, we chart 10 adventure sports and where one can experience them:

#10 Trekking

There are very few better ways of exploring nature while not exhausting oneself than Trekking. It is best done with a group, although some trekkers vouch that a solo trek is a life-changing experience. Losing all the luxuries in life, sleeping in tents in the jungles or mountains after a day's trek connects one to nature like no other.

Trekking can be done wherever, but trek along the Himalayan range is one of the most popular destinations for this adventure sport.

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