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5 things that only The Undertaker has done in WWE

Elliott Binks
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Having been with the company for more than 26 years, there isn’t much that The Undertaker hasn’t ticked off his WWE bucket list.

With a résumé that includes a cumulative haul of seven world championships, a 2007 Royal Rumble win, numerous match of the year candidates, not to mention the fact that he’s managed to find success with an undead, supernatural mortician gimmick, Undertaker’s just about done it all with the company.

And not only that but many more of his achievements are ones that no one else has been able to emulate.

The most obvious of these that springs to mind is, of course, his undefeated streak at WrestleMania—a grand total of 21 successive wins before Brock Lesnar finally pinned him in 2014—but that’s far from the only record The Undertaker holds exclusively.

Over the years, The Undertaker’s chalked up a number of other less celebrated accolades that none of his peers can say they’ve matched, from notable scalps claimed on the biggest of stages, to a full house of wins over each and every member of one of the company’s most decorated stables. And topically, many of them have arrived at WrestleMania, including our first entry…

#5 Submit Brock Lesnar During His Second Run with WWE

The Undertaker sees the funny side of things during his SummerSlam 2015 match with Brock Lesnar 

Since returning to the company for a second stint in the Spring of 2012, Brock Lesnar has mostly been pushed as a completely unstoppable monster. Part of that push saw him do the unthinkable at WrestleMania XXX when he pinned The Undertaker to hand the Deadman his first defeat at the PPV in a record 22 outings.

But The Undertaker was at least able to help himself to a measure of revenge at SummerSlam 2015 when he not only defeated Lesnar, but he did so via submission.

Now, granted it wasn’t as straightforward as that. While ‘Taker had initially tapped himself, the referee hadn’t seen it, although that didn’t stop the timekeeper from calling for the bell anyway. The confusion was enough to distract Lesnar, allowing The Undertaker to hit a low blow and lock in his Triangle, eventually forcing Lesnar to pass out and the referee to end the match via submission.

Still, dodgy finishes aside, the record books still say that The Undertaker is the only man to have beaten Lesnar in such a way since the former UFC Champion’s big return to the company some five years ago. And unless Goldberg adds some submissions to his moves, that doesn’t look likely to change anytime soon.

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