7 footballers who were sent off for their goal celebration

Players rarely get sent off for celebrating goals but when they do...
Tina Kaviraj

Goal celebrations are a beautiful thing. It’s a players way of thanking his supporters and answering his critics and defectors. However, sometimes players seem to lose that plot completely. They do something unbelievably outrageous and get sent off.

To be sent off for celebrating a goal sounds pretty extreme and yet some football players have managed this unique feat. Whether out of sheer stupidity or mindless jubilation, players have often found themselves in a soup after celebrating their goals in the craziest and dumbest of ways.

You’ll have to keep reading about it to believe it. And of course, referees can’t be blamed for sending them off once you see the wacky, and sometimes offensive things they’ve done.

So, without further ado, here’s a look at seven players from around the world who were sent off for their unique goal celebration.

1. Medi Dresevic

Swedish defender Medi Dresevic was sent off for jumping into the stands and applauding his own goal

You might have never heard of Medi Dresevic before but the curious case of his goal celebration in August was quite the hit on Twitter. The 24-year-old defender plays for Norrby IF in the Swedish third division and after scoring his previous goal in 2011 scored a brilliant hat-trick at the end of August against Tvaaker.

Unable to control his excitement after scoring a half-volley to complete his hattrick, Dresevic ran into the stands and pretended to applaud himself like a fan.

Unfortunately for him, he was already on a yellow and even though the fans found his celebration hilarious, the referee didn’t quite see it that way. As soon as he returned to the pitch, the referee showed him a second yellow and sent him off for the game. His team-mates weren’t too amused by his antics either, seemingly berating him for his whimsical celebration.

The club came around to seeing the funny side of the matter after they secured a 6-1 victory and shared footage of the incident on their official Twitter account.

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