Commonwealth Games 2018 Mascot


The Blue Koala named ‘Borobi’ is the official mascot of the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. In fact, ‘Borobi’ is an aboriginal term for Koala. With the majority of his body in blue, there are several markings on his paws and legs which convey different meanings. His ears are accompanied by yellow strokes horizontally.

His paws have indigenous markings which are the sign of his great calling. The footprints consist of the symbol of a stadium, while the dots in the palm and the foot represent the spectators and the athletes’ journey to the Commonwealth Games respectively.

In his younger years, he was told that Koalas couldn’t surf; he was so upset by the fact that he became a pro on surfing and was unstoppable once he grew up. He thus became Australia’s first surfing Koala. Not only he is a good surfer, but he is also quite an all-rounder when it comes to other sports. But most of all, his main motive is to encourage athletes to perform to their perfection!

Commonwealth Games Logo

The logo of the Gold Coast Games is very colourful, similar to the city and is a silhouette of the skyline and landscape of Gold Coast. The logo has faint representations of a gymnast, a hurdler, and a swimmer which was embedded to reflect the depth of heritage and deep humanity of the Games similar to the host city which vibrant and ready to welcome all to its shores.

The Motto

The official motto of the Commonwealth Games is “Share the Dream” and was selected to highlight the dreams and experience at the games that were shared by the participants of the event. Not only is it confined to the athletes but also the volunteers, the host city and country and also the participating nations.

The Medals

The Medals were designed by Australian indigenous artist Delvene Cockatoo-Collins and produced by Royal Australian Mint. The design was mainly inspired by the coastline of Gold Coast with various indigenous cultures. Around 1500 medals have been produced to be awarded to the participants and the measure of which is approximately 63 millimetres in diameter. The weight of each medal varies from 138 to 163 grams.

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