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Commonwealth Games Federation

The Commonwealth Games Federation is the foremost organization that manages and organizes the Commonwealth Youth Games and its parent tournament, the Commonwealth Games. Located in the heart of London, United Kingdom the federation was formed in 1932 after the culmination of a successful 1932 Summer Olympics. 

Twenty years post the formation of the Federation, the name was changed to 'British Empire and Commonwealth Games Federation' and again in 1966 when it was renamed 'British Commonwealth Games Federation' as part of a decision taken in Jamaica until the final decision to stick to the name 'Commonwealth Games Federation' was taken in 1974 at Christchurch, New Zealand. 

Two parent branches - General Assembly and Executive Board

The members of the executive board represent the Commonwealth Games Association (CGA) directly and are granted with the power to take decisions on behalf of the federation regarding issues concerned with the Games. The board consists of the vice-patron, the President of the association, six officers from the Commonwealth Games Federation and six vice-presidents from six different regions of the CGF i.e Africa, America, Asia, Caribbean, Europe, and Oceania. 

While the vice-patron is elected for life during the general assembly, the rest of the board members hold position under the next edition of the Games where they can be re-elected. 

The General Assembly, on the other hand, holds the highest power amongst all other bodies in the federation and can take decisions on matters such as deciding the host nation. The Assembly, which comprises of a minimum of three representatives from each member nation also consists of the Vice-Patron, Life Vice-Presidents and members of the Executive Board.

Each session of the General Assembly is chaired by the Federation President and one vote is granted to each member of the CGA and the president themselves.

Currently, United Kingdom's HRH Prince Edward holds the post of the vice-patron while Ms. Louise Martin from the United Kingdom is the President of the Commonwealth Games Federation. 

Hosting rights and honors

As mentioned earlier, the General Assembly is responsible to decide the host of the Commonwealth Games and the decision is taken eight years prior to the conduction of that particular edition of the competition. 

The Candidate City Manual is drafted by the executive board and is handed over to the candidates following which the CGA takes a decision which is also strictly monitored by the federation. 

Apart from awarding medals to the athletes, the federation also awards membership in the Order of Merit for exceptional services towards the CWG movement and the CWG Association which is on a recommendation from the Executive Board. 


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