Cristiano Ronaldo’s secret to staying in shape: Diet, Workout and Habits

Udinese vs Juventus - Cristiano celebration
Udinese vs Juventus - Cristiano celebration
Vaibhav Negi

Cristiano is an absolute beast, a truly unbelievable athlete who is well renowned for his athletic abilities. Ronaldo is surely someone who defies the term ‘aging’.

Cristiano is not someone you would usually associate with when someone says 'talent'. It's rather sheer persistence and hard work that differs him from other elite athletes.

During his medical for Juventus back in 2018, Ronaldo even bamboozled the doctors. Cristiano, who was 33 back then, was said to be in the shape of a 20-year-old. That is amusing even to a man of his caliber.

Cristiano's secret to staying in shape

1) Eating habits

Cristiano Ronaldo eats a lot, sometimes even six meals a day. There is a catch, however: Cristiano follows a strict diet. It's a high protein diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain carbs.

In addition to this, staying hydrated is another thing that is equally important for Ronaldo. Cristiano avoids alcohol at all costs in order to remain on top of his game.

2) Training

Ronaldo is a workaholic who trains incredibly hard. The training includes cardio sessions, stretching, running, cycling, weight training, abs workouts, and high-intensity drills.

Cristiano starts his training as early as possible and goes from sun up to sundown. For him, training isn’t a chore but an everyday routine

3) Discipline

Cristiano's sheer mental discipline is one of his greatest strengths. Ronaldo is hard on himself, rarely having a chance to relax.

“Keeping yourself motivated and sticking to a routine is key. For me, there is no time to relax; I have to be strict.” Cristiano in an interview

To keep himself motivated, Cristiano is always on the look for new challenges, always trying to push himself to the limits.

4) Relaxation

Even though Ronaldo is a beast at training, he sure knows how to relax. Taking time off with his family and friends allows him to stay in shape both physically and mentally.

Cristiano even listens to a lot of music, from reggaeton to hip hop. It's all thanks to the time he takes for himself that he remains positive and driven on the pitch.

Cristiano, who is 36 now, is still one of the most fearsome attackers in world football who continues to set records and achieve milestones day after day. While most football legends, at his age, had either retired or moved to a lower league, Cristiano is still competing in the toughest league in Europe.

Cristiano Ronaldo is far from ending his reign of terror over defenses around Europe, with his incredible drive to stay at the very top of his game.

Edited by Henno van Deventer

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