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CWC2011: What Will The World Cup Quarter Finals Be?

07 Mar 2011, 10:07 IST

Points Tables

Group A


TeamsMatWonLostTiedN/RPtsNet RR
Sri Lanka421015+2.663
N Zealand321004+1.584

Group B

TeamsMatWonLostTiedN/RPtsNet RR
West Indies321004+2.667
Sth Africa321004+1.754

So the World Cup is getting to the sharp end of Qualifying with some Teams virtually assured a place, others relatively safe and then others looking for a miracle. So going on the Tournament so far what can we expect the Quarter Finals be?

Here is my take

Group A

I think the qualifiers from the Group are already set with the other Teams in the Group namely Zimbabwe,Canada and Kenya lacking the class to challenge. Though the Teams might be set, but the order isnt. Lets start by looking at the current Group leader Pakistan.


Its hard to type a sentence with the words consistent, composed and unified and Pakistan together. Though thats exactly what they’ve been. Their batting is both sturdy with tough types like Misbah and Younis Khan in it. Then its scarey with the late order hitters. The bowling has been stellar with Shahid Afridi starring, Shoaib Ahktar being rejuvenated and the others doing their roles.
Their remaining three games are against New Zealand, Zimbabwe and Australia. So they should account for NZ and Zimbabwe easily. Then the Australian clash could determine who finishes on top.
Though from the position they are now id favour them to finish Top of the Group


Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan’s were cruelled by rain. When in a game against Australia they were well on their way to a total of 240 plus. On a pitch that was spinning like a top and against the Aussies who have had a weakness against spin. So you’d have reasonably expected them to win that match and put space between the Aussies and them. Though rain intervened robbing them of a near certain win. Like the Pakistan’s they are very refined in their batting and stellar in their bowling. In truth their bowling is elite with arguably the World’s best Odi bowler in Lasith Malinga leading the charge. They have two games left against a very average NZ side and Zimbabwe
So should win both and be reasonably be confident of finish 2nd in the Group.


The jury’s still out on the Aussies with them having won against two very average sides and then rain arguably saving them against Sri Lanka.
Though in their favour is the inclusion of Mike Hussey who will be a huge boost to this line up.From a skill sense and a Team sense.For he’s so good in the dressing room and so revered by his Team mates.
The Aussies have three matches left with two against minnows Kenya and Canada and then the litmus test against Pakistan.
This match will decide whether they finish 2nd or 3rd

New Zealand
Will qualify by default and finish 4th

Predicted Group Finish
1.Pakistan-12 pts
2.Sri Lanka-9 pts (better run rate)
4.New Zealand-6 pts

Group B

This Group is like a jumbled ball of wool with many connotations.There is still hope for Ireland and Bangladesh is still in the running,but on life support.Though I can’t see it,so ill discount them as contenders.
So lets look at the top 4 starting with the leader India.


The Indian’s are very much one dimensional in regards to their batting being exceptional,but their bowling being rubbish.So its a case of how far their batting can take them………..
I think a long way against the weaker Teams,but will be found out against the stronger ones.
So they have three games left against The Netherlands,South Africa and West Indies
They’ll beat up on the Dutch, be found out against the South African’s and more than likely have their destiny decided by the Windies.
You’d back them to win this game,but this Windies are more than capable of an upset.
The Netherlands-win
South Africa-loss
West Indies-win


What can you make of England-I wrote a joking article of them being the ‘new Pakistan’.In regards to you just don’t know what you’ll get from them.In regards to lose to Ireland and then beat South Africa.I do believe in the theories that on the basis of how much cricket they’ve played that they are mentally tired.So this might account for their inconsistency.They have two games left against Bangladesh and the West Indies.
So both are winnable and both are losable.Though if the ‘good’ England turns up they should prevail in both
West Indies-win

West Indies

One of the feel good stories of the World Cup has been the performance of the Windies.They have been backed by an excellent strike bowler in Kemar Roach and a new found harmony in the Team with Chris Gayle publicly support Darrin Sammy.They probably need one more win to be assured of qualification with three games left.Against Ireland,England and India.All being winnable on the basis of how their playing.Though Ireland is the crucial game.For if the beat them,the Irish are basically eliminated

South Africa

Three games with the first two looking regal and then the loss to England resurfacing concerns about their mental aptitude with the dreaded ‘C’ word coming out.In truth they are a class Team with so many strings to their bow.So ill put this loss down as an aberration.They have three games left against India,Ireland and Bangladesh.The Indian game being the key one and can see them winning this after being stung by the English implosion.Then the other two games should be mere formalities

Projected Group Finish
South Africa-10 pts
India-9 pts (better run rate)
West Indies-6 pts

Likely Quarter Finals

Pakistan versus West Indies
South Africa versus New Zealand
Sri Lanka versus England
Australia versus India

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