Know your Olympics - London Olympics 1948

Know Your Olympics - London Olympics 1948
Know Your Olympics - London Olympics 1948

Following the Berlin Olympics, the quadrennial event was due to finally arrive in Asia. Tokyo was primarily selected for the 1940 Olympics. However, owing to the increasing tensions, the Olympics were transferred to Helsinki in Finland.

Unfortunately, neither got to host the Olympics. The second World War broke out in 1939, and it did not end until 1945. Like in 1906, one city was not the original choice for the Olympics.

However, owing to the 2nd World War, London got the chance to host the Olympics. However, it had to wait for eight whole years to get the ultimate honor.

London chosen to host the first post-Second World War Olympics

When London did host the Olympics, it was a spectacle of its own. Many new nations arrived on the scene. The Olympics also saw the rise of new heroes. From Fanny Koen to Karoly Takacs, there were many champions to be proud about.

The Olympics also saw the arrival of India, but as a divided nation. India competed before as well, but as an undivided British colony. However, following the events of August 1947, the London Olympics brought forward two nations, India and Pakistan.

The London Olympics also saw the emergence of a new India, who won their first Olympic gold medal as an independent nation. Before independence, Great Britain was too scared to compete against India. Following the Partition, Great Britain was extremely confident that India would be of no match, since the best players had already migrated to Pakistan.

However, India had other plans. Not only did they prove the British wrong, they proved them wrong in style. India pummeled Great Britain in front of a huge home crowd at Wembley Stadium. For the first time, India got to hear their own national anthem at the Olympics.

Guess the score? It was four goals to none. In fact, the British crowd were so impressed by the Indians, that they instead goaded the Indians to go for 6-0. Leo Pinto, one of the goal scorers for India, was also a goalkeeper. This is a rare feat that is still unmatched by many.

Here are some more interesting facts from the London Olympics of 1948.

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