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Your home for NHL prop bets is right here. NHL prop bets are getting more popular and are a fun way to bet on the NHL without worrying about the final score. Whether you want to bet on your favorite team or root for a certain player, you can find insights into NHL prop bets here.

What Are NHL Props?

NHL prop bets are bets on what will happen during the game, rather than the outcome of the game. Their focus on player and team performance is why they’re so unique and popular to bettors. There are a lot of NHL prop bets to choose from for every game, so there’s ample opportunity to make a pick.

Types of NHL Props

NHL props are divided into two groups: NHL player props and NHL team props. Their names are pretty self-explanatory, and each comes with a wide array of props for bettors to choose from.

NHL Team Prop Bets

You can find a ton of NHL team props for each game and every single minute of the action is fair game. Bets on if there will be a goal in the first five minutes, which team will win a certain period, and who scores first are among the many NHL team prop bets offered for every game.

NHL Player Prop Bets

Just like NHL team props, NHL player props will be available, and every player will have options for them. If a player will score a goal is the most popular, but over/unders on player assists, saves, and points are also commonly bet on props. NHL games also have head-to-head matchups between players, where you bet on the player you believe will finish with more points in the game.

Where to Find the Best NHL Prop Bets?

NHL prop bets aren’t offered at as many sportsbooks as other sports are, such as the NFL. Still, there are plenty of sportsbooks that do offer NHL prop bets, such as DraftKings and FanDuel. There is no definitively best sportsbook for NHL prop bets as it boils down to personal preference, so look around and see which sportsbook fits you best.

Free NHL Expert Prop Bets

The number of NHL prop bets in a day throughout a months-long season can be hard to keep up with. Our NHL experts keep up with them for you, analyzing tendencies, trends, matchups, and stats to provide you with the best NHL prop bet advice.