North Dakota Betting Laws & Guide

North Dakota is one of the strictest states in the union when it comes to gambling and that means there is no gambling period. Despite that, they’ve shown that they’re not entirely opposed to legalizing sports betting. While the current anti-gambling stance may create obstacles, sports betting may have a path in North Dakota soon.

Is Sports Betting Legal in North Dakota?

No, sports betting in North Dakota is not something that can be done legally. The state does offer casinos, lottery, horse racing, and daily fantasy sports, but sports betting is not there yet. If they were to legalize betting, they would have plenty of options to launch it, since they have the framework for gambling in place already.

Is DraftKings Sports Betting Legal in North Dakota?

While DraftKings sportsbook won’t accept bets in North Dakota, you are allowed to use DraftKings for daily fantasy sports. The same applies to FanDuel also. Until sports betting is allowed in some capacity, that be via physical locations, mobile, or both, DraftKings won’t have a path towards being legal in North Dakota.

Why is Sports Betting Illegal in North Dakota?

The simplest explanation is that nothing has been passed yet to legalize sports betting, and the state isn’t in a rush to do so. There was an attempt in 2019 to bring sports betting to North Dakota, but it didn’t pass. Nothing has been brought forth since, despite the 2019 push, indicating there is interest in legalizing sports betting in North Dakota.

When Will North Dakota Sports Betting Start?

There’s no way to forecast when sports betting will launch in North Dakota. They’d first have to pass a bill of some sort and get everything approved, which doesn’t seem imminent. There’s a chance that North Dakota legalizes sports betting soon, but the wait may be lengthy.

Latest North Dakota Sports Betting News

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