South Dakota Betting Laws & Guide

South Dakota voted on whether or not to legalize sports betting in the 2020 election and they successfully voted for its legalization. Despite that, the implementation of South Dakota’s sports betting was inconvenient for many residents, even if it symbolized a step forward. So, while you can legally bet in South Dakota from your phone or in person, you may be better off traveling to a different state to wager depending on where you are.

Is Sports Betting Legal in South Dakota?

Yes, South Dakota has had legal sports betting since September 2021, but it is limited. The only way to do so is to visit one of the casinos in Deadwood and wager there. While online betting is an option in South Dakota, it is also limited to the space inside the Deadwood casinos. A flaw of this model is that South Dakota’s most populous city, Sioux Falls, is on the opposite end of the state, making it inconvenient for thousands of people.

Is DraftKings Sports Betting Legal in South Dakota?

DraftKings does not accept any wagers from South Dakota. They do not have a retail sportsbook in Deadwood, and their app would not be legal anywhere else in the state. If you want to use the DraftKings sportsbook app, neighbor states Iowa and Wyoming are both legal places to use it. DraftKings daily fantasy is a legal option in South Dakota if that suits you.

Why is Sports Betting Illegal in South Dakota?

Mobile sports betting is still illegal in South Dakota for a few reasons. One obstacle will be navigating the tribal casinos and finding a way to go fully mobile without damaging their revenue. Second, although sports betting is already in the state legally, government officials aren’t very supportive of sports betting. Getting sports betting in Deadwood was a big deal as is. Expecting fully mobile betting is an uphill battle for the foreseeable future.

When Will South Dakota Sports Betting Start?

There’s no telling if and when South Dakota will start allowing mobile bets outside of their casinos. The opposition is stiff, with one man comparing a proposed mobile measure to theft and murder. While bills are being proposed and reviewed, it appears from the outside looking that they are just a formality. Don’t hold your breath in anticipation of South Dakota launching fully mobile betting anytime soon.

Latest South Dakota Sports Betting News

  • September 10, 2022: The South Dakota State Jackrabbits earned their first win of the season, taking down the UC Davis Aggies 24-22. They will remain home to take on the Butler Bulldogs on September 17.