Wisconsin Betting Laws & Guide

While there are sports betting options in Wisconsin, they’re very limited, and the state has shown no desire to expand anytime soon. Since November 2021, you can place in-person bets, while a mobile option arose shortly after in February 2022. However, none of the apps you’d be able to use in other states will work in Wisconsin.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Wisconsin?

Technically, sports betting is legal in Wisconsin, but it’s extremely exclusive. The Oneida Nation is the only operator in the state, and although they have a mobile app, you can only bet in nine locations through it.

  • Four Paths One-Stop

  • HWY 29 Travel Center Casino & One-Stop

  • HWY 54 One-Stop

  • HWY E & HWY EE One-Stop

  • IMAC Casino

  • Larsen One-Stop

  • Packerland Casino & One-Stop

  • West Mason Casino

  • Westwind One-Stop

To sign-up for the app and bet through it, you must join the Oneida Players Club. Your first deposit has to be made through one of their physical sportsbooks.

Is DraftKings Sports Betting Legal in Wisconsin?

No, betting through DraftKings is currently illegal in Wisconsin. They have no partnership with the Oneida Nation nor signs of one, so there’s no clear path for DraftKings to be available in Wisconsin for the foreseeable future.

Why is Sports Betting Illegal in Wisconsin?

Rapid sports betting expansion has barely been considered by the government. Even with other Native American tribes showing interest in adding sports betting, it’s nearly been a year, and the Oneida Nation still has complete control of betting in the state. It seems as if Wisconsin is content with where its sports betting regulations stand.

When Will Wisconsin Sports Betting Start?

If you’re able to visit a retail location and place a deposit through the Oneida Players Club, you can bet as soon as today. If you’re waiting for your favorite apps, such as DraftKings, FanDuel, or BetMGM, there is no insight as to when they’ll ever be legal in Wisconsin.

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