World Squash Federation meets with Tokyo Olympic Games Committee

World Squash Federation President N. Ramachandran

CHENNAI: World Squash Federation (WSF) President N Ramachandran was upbeat after making a fresh case for squash before the Olympic Games 2020 Additional Event Panel Presentation in the host city of Tokyo on Friday.

"We were delighted to have a further opportunity to show the exciting journey of change and innovation that squash has been on," Mr. Ramachandran told gathered media afterwar. He said his team also detailed to the committee on “how squash would be a low-cost addition with small athlete numbers.”

The WSF President said that there was to be another examination of matters on Saturday at a Q and A session. "Then only can we hope to receive a nomination from the Tokyo Organizing Committee to the IOC. It will be a hard wait, but if squash achieves the dream for our athletes it will be well worth it," he was quoted as saying.

Japanese teenagers Satomi Watanabe and Ryunosuke Tsukue, who had had a significant success on the international Squash stage, spoke of their desire to compete in their home country and how a positive decision would be a great boost for the sport. "This has been such a wonderful day," said Watanabe, the US Junior Open Under 17 champion. "To have a chance to play at the Olympic Games in my own country makes me shake with excitement."

The focus was also on Nicol David, the Malaysian World Number One, who reinforced the message that competing in the Olympic Games would be the pinnacle of any player's career, and repeated what she had always maintained – that she would give up all her eight World Squash titles for just one Olympic Gold.

"The road has been a long one but like all of my fellow players I am so pleased that Squash is in the fight now. We keep saying that Squash would bring something special and new to the Olympics,” said David.

Others who were part of the presentation party included Japan Squash Association President Kazuya Kasahara and WSF Chief Executive Andrew Shelley .

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