“I wouldn’t say I take them to the grocery store” – Katie Ledecky on where she ‘wears’ her Olympic gold medals

Olympic Swimmer Katie Ledecky Rings New York Stock Exchange Closing Bell
Katie Ledecky Rings at the New York Stock Exchange, 2021 (Image via Getty)

Katie Ledecky is a staple name in the sport of swimming. The American athlete has managed to bag seven Olympic and 19 world championship gold medals. The future looks bright for the star as she now stands as the most decorated female swimmer of all time at just the age of 25.

Katie won her first gold medal in the 800m freestyle at the 2012 London Olympics, which was also her first time at the Olympic games. Her breakthrough as a public figure arrived on the back of her stellar performance at the 2016 Rio Olympics, where she won four golds, three of which were individual.

Ledecky then went on to add to her tally at the Tokyo Olympics, winning two more gold medals. Her achievements have brought her under the spotlight with people wanting to know more about the 25 year old's life.

Ledecky competes in the Women's 800m Freestyle Final at the Tokyo Olympics, 2021 (Image via Getty)
Ledecky competes in the Women's 800m Freestyle Final at the Tokyo Olympics, 2021 (Image via Getty)

Katie Ledecky and her medals

Thanks to her quick and fierce rise to fame, the guest host of The Rich Eisen Show, American reporter Ben Lyons, brought her on for a conversation over the phone in 2021. He first wanted to know how Katie brought her medals back to the USA with her after winning them at the Olympics. In response, Ledecky said:

"I flew with them in my carry-on. They're safe and sound, still looking as good as when I got them."

Ben added that many NFL stars casually wear their championship rings when they go out to get groceries. This prompted an intriguing question about where Katie would wear her gold medals. She responded:

"I do like to keep them nearby the first couple of weeks or months, becasue a lot of people do like to see them. I wouldn't say I take them to the grocery store on a regular basis, but hey, sometimes there's somebody there that wants to see them!"

Earlier in 2021, Katie worked with BIC Razors on the 'Game on' campaign that dove deep into the importance of self-confidence as an athlete and how it impacts performance and self-esteem. Lyons then asked Ledecky to elaborate on the importance of mental health in sports.

"I'm really proud of my teammates for what they have done on the field, in the pool, in the gym, but also what they have done off of it."
Ledecky poses with her gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics (Image via Getty)
Ledecky poses with her gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics (Image via Getty)

Following the likes of Michael Phelps, Katie has been very open about her journey. She has constantly advocated for better mental health provisions by providing insights into her own struggles. She continued:

"While the medals and records I've achieved are a validation for all the hard-work I've put in ... my primary goal was to leave Tokyo having inspired others."

She said that "inspiring others" was "at the heart" of her campaign with BIC Razors. The goal was simple and clear:

"We wanted people to be confident when they're chasing their dreams and not be afraid to show it."

Before signing off, she emphasized on inspiring people to dream big and work hard on the things they want to achieve, without fear.

Ledecky has already won many hearts. There is no doubt that she will unlock many more hearts and achievements in the future.

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