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Watch: Incredible never-ending 91-shot table tennis rally leaves fans spellbound

184   //    12 Sep 2017, 11:20 IST

Table Tennis is a game that has produced moments of absolute brilliance since its inception. The sport has played host to some spectacular talents, who have made a huge mark on the game and stamped their authority in many tournaments with cunning serves, powerful smashes and deft touches.

In one such treasured moment in TT history, Sweden's Par Gerell and France's Adrien Mattenet locked horns in the 2015 ITTF World Tour Czech Open where they battled out in an intense 91-shot rally that was labelled as one of the biggest moments in TT history.

Serving for the point, Par Gerell slotted into the attacking right very early into the match and continued to essay the same role with Adrien Mattenet happy to only return the powerful smashes.

Right through the match, Gerell looked to smash his way to a point while Mattenet calmly lobbed the ball back to Gerell to smash it. After 20-30 odd shots, Gerell looked as if he was tiring out but continued to powerfully smash the ball back into Mattenet's court.

Egged by constant claps from the crowd, the pair sweat their way through the final shot when Gerell cleverly smashed the ball to the far left of Mattenet with a slight amount of swing that proved too good for the Frenchman as all he could do was only lob it to the bottom of the net, triggering a sigh of relief from the Swede.

After the incredible rally, the duo soaked in all the applause for, after all, they had managed to achieve something truly outstanding.

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