Ultimate Table Tennis 2023: 3 reasons why U Mumba TT can win the tournament

Aruna Quadri of U Mumba TT celebrates winning a point against Achanta Sharath Kamal of Chennai Lions during the IndianOil Ultimate Table Tennis tie in Pune (PC: UTT Media)
Aruna Quadri of U Mumba TT celebrates winning a point against Achanta Sharath Kamal of Chennai Lions during the IndianOil Ultimate Table Tennis tie in Pune (PC: UTT Media)

The excitement is building up as the Ultimate Table Tennis 2023 continues to enthral fans at the Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex in Pune. It got underway on July 13, with the final scheduled to be played on July 30.

Among the six teams vying for glory, the U Mumba TT emerge as a strong contender, poised to make their mark in the competition.

On that note, let's delve into the three compelling reasons why the U Mumba TT have a legitimate chance of emerging victorious in this highly anticipated tournament.

#1 Unbeatable home support puts pressure on opponents

One crucial factor working in the favor of the U Mumba TT is the overwhelming home support they enjoy. Playing in Pune gives them a distinct advantage, with the passionate crowd at the Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex creating an electrifying atmosphere.

This home advantage can add immense pressure on their opponents, disrupting their focus and composure. The roaring support from the stands will fuel U Mumba TT's confidence and motivation, enabling them to capitalize on crucial moments and secure vital victories.

#2 Star-studded team bolsters U Mumba TT's strength

The U Mumba TT boasts a star-studded lineup that combines experience, skill, and international acclaim. The team's roster is filled with exceptional talents, each bringing their unique strengths to the table.

Manav Thakkar, a former World No.1 in U18 and U21 ITTF rankings, has proven his mettle on the global stage. His recent success at the 2021 Asian Championship, where he secured bronze medals in men's doubles and men's team events, highlights his extraordinary potential.

Diya Chitale, the doubles national champion, and a gold medalist in the National Ranking Tournament 2022, brings exceptional prowess, particularly in doubles, which significantly enhances U Mumba TT's chances in crucial team events.

Lily Zhang, a seasoned player with notable achievements such as a bronze medal in the 2011 Pan American Games and a victory in the Qatar Peace and Sport Cup in doubles, adds depth and stability to U Mumba TT's lineup. Having participated in the 2012 Rio Olympics, her wealth of experience strengthens the team's overall performance.

Quadri Aruna, a silver medalist in the 2018 Commonwealth Games and a finalist in the 2015 and 2019 African Games, possesses a winning mentality and exceptional skills that make him a formidable opponent on the international stage.

Mouma Das, with a silver medal at the 2018 Commonwealth Games and multiple national championship medals, brings a wealth of experience to U Mumba TT, serving as an asset to the team.

Sudhanshu Grover, with an impressive record of seven national championship titles in doubles, showcases his expertise and winning mentality, adding depth and stability to U Mumba TT's lineup.

#3 Confidence from last season's semi-finals

U Mumba TT enters Ultimate Table Tennis 2023 with a considerable boost in confidence, thanks to their impressive performance in the previous season. Having reached the semi-finals, they demonstrated their ability to compete at the highest level.

Their players have been in excellent form, displaying exceptional skills and unwavering determination. This momentum, coupled with the burning desire to surpass their previous achievements and claim the championship, serves as a powerful driving force for U Mumba TT.

Their previous success and the positive energy within the team create a winning mindset and lay the foundation for a strong campaign in the current season.

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