Days of Our Lives spoilers for the next week from May 6 to 10

A still of the characters from vintage soap opera. (Image via Peacock)
A still of the characters from vintage soap opera. (Image via Peacock)

The upcoming episodes of Days of Our Lives will witness a whirlwind of emotions and secrets. The forthcoming events will include Johnny and Chanel facing a life-altering decision about her pregnancy. On the other hand, Jada and Rafe create a new beginning in their freshly decorated home. Furthermore, the drama will intensify as Sloan prepares to unveil a shocking truth.

So, what other riveting developments await the upcoming week for the vintage soap opera? Here's a sneak peek that'll likely give you insights about the possible events for the next week.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the episodes set to release from May 6 to May 10, 2024

Monday, May 6, 2024: Turmoil and crucial decisions will herald the week

In Monday's episode of Days of Our Lives, the spotlight will fall on Johnny and Chanel as they grapple with Chanel’s pregnancy. Meanwhile, Jada and Rafe will dive into the task of decorating their new home.

The dramatic tension in the episode will escalate as Sloan decides to confess a significant secret to EJ about Jude being Eric and Nicole’s child. Elsewhere, Everett will divert Stephanie to publish a negative article about Paulina.

Tuesday, May 7, 2024: Secrets and deceitful revelations

In Tuesday’s episode of Days of Our Lives, Maggie will reveal that Victor’s will is out of probate. Moreover, this revelation will grab Konstantin's interest. At the same time, Kristen will use her relationship with Alex to provoke jealousy in Brady.

Thereafter, the day will also see Theresa concerned over her future with Alex. In a more strategic move, Marlena and John will inform Steve about their plan to unmask Konstantin’s deceitful schemes.

Wednesday, May 8, 2024: Some have hidden agendas while some have uncovered secrets

In this episode of Days of Our Lives, tension will peak as Ava and Harris will stumble upon startling information in Clyde's coveted little black book. The episode will also see EJ become Johnny’s confidant as you will likely see him offering advice on Chanel’s pregnancy situation.

The events of the episode will also witness Melinda demand assurance from Sloan to keep their significant secret from being exposed by EJ. In a more personal subplot, Eric and Nicole’s conversation will also naturally drift towards Sloan amidst their ongoing story collaboration.

Additionally, the episode could also showcase some teen scenes heating up with Aaron, Sophia, Tate, and Holly, whose romantic interests begin to complicate their friendships.

Thursday, May 9, 2024: Shock and strategy only

On Thursday, fans can expect Maggie to face a shocking truth, which could also drastically alter her perception of Konstantin. Meanwhile, Konstantin will aim to win Sarah’s favor.

In another turn of events, Stefan, Harris, and Ava will form an alliance against Clyde. Thereafter, Xander’s confrontation with Stefan over an accusation of setting up a shooting will seemingly add another layer of suspense and drama to the narrative.

Friday, May 10, 2024: Reflection and encounters will conclude the week

The week for Days of Our Lives will conclude with emotional and poignant moments. Viewers can anticipate the episode showcasing Julie offering counsel to a distressed Paulina, who is deeply affected by Chanel’s ongoing crisis.

Meanwhile, Johnny and Chanel will face a tough decision regarding her pregnancy. On a somber note, Chad and Thomas will visit Abigail’s grave on Mother’s Day as they will reflect on past memories and loss.

Notably, the day will round off with a chance encounter at a bistro, where Tate, Theresa, Nicole, EJ, and Holly’s paths cross, leading to an intriguing mix of personal interactions.

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