What happened to Chanel on Days of Our Lives this week? 

Raven Bowens stars as Chanel Dupree, who is also known as Chanel DiMera, on Days of Our Lives (Image via Instagram/@imravenbowens)
Raven Bowens stars as Chanel on Days of Our Lives (Image via Instagram/@imravenbowens)

A blizzard this week on Days of Our Lives caused the beloved character, Chanel (Raven Bowens) to go missing, leaving her loved ones in a state of panic and distress. The drama began when Julie, portrayed by Susan Seaforth Hayes, showed up at the Horton cabin—where Chanel and Johnny DiMera were spending their honeymoon, as per Soaps in Depth.

The trio was left in a state of shock when they realized they were caught in the middle of a snowstorm. Johnny and Julie soon realized that Chanel was nowhere to be found and the word soon got out to Salem, where her mother Paulina was undergoing iodine treatments.

While Chanel was eventually located, the events leading up to her brief disappearance on April 16's episode of Days of Our Lives grabbed viewers' attention.

Chanel's disappearance on Days of Our Lives

Chanel went missing on Tuesday's episode of Days of Our Lives while on her honeymoon with Johnny DiMera after an unexpected blizzard struck the Horton cabin where the duo was staying. Drama ensued after the weather derailed the duo's honeymoon plans. The snowstorm also left the characters in a state of panic, with Julie exclaiming:

"Snowstorm in the middle of April!"

Julie later asked Johnny about Chanel's whereabouts as he returned after collecting firewood. He seemed shocked and answered:

"Isn’t she here with you?"

Paulina from Days of Our Lives shares a close bond with her daughter Chanel, who considers her to be her best friend. Paulina learned the news of Chanel having gone missing during the blizzard when she was in the hospital and was terrified and upset. She called out in desperation over the phone:

"My daughter is missing?!"

Soon after, Marlena stepped into Paulina's room in the hospital only to discover that she had gone missing. As per Soaps in Depth, Marlena and John were stunned by this development, and the former mentioned that no one can go near Paulina as she is "radioactive."

"They can’t go anywhere near her. She’s radioactive," she said.

In the episode that aired on Wednesday, April 17, it was revealed that Paulina escaped the hospital to rescue her daughter, who slipped and sprained her ankle. This means that Chanel was found within a few hours after she initially went missing.

Fans earlier witnessed Chanel worrying about her mom's health as she was the first to notice that she was not as energetic as she usually was and got tired quickly. Chanel insisted that Paulina be checked out by professionals even though she didn't want to see a doctor at first.

Chanel needed help at the hospital and so she called Johnny, who had left Holly's birthday party to be with her. Paulina's condition got worse over time, and she had to be kept in isolation as doctors administered radioactive iodine treatment.

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