HYBE accuses ADOR CEO Min Hee-jin of seeking a shaman's guidance for company management matters, including BTS members’ military services

BTS and Min Hee-jin (Image via X/@bts_bighit, Instagram/@min.hee.jin)
BTS and Min Hee-jin (Image via X/@bts_bighit, Instagram/@min.hee.jin)

On Thursday, April 25, HYBE released a report through the Korean media outlet, Korean Economy, claiming ADOR CEO Min Hee-jin's involvement with a shaman on several company management plans. The said shaman holds two businesses, M Partners and M Consulting, and the latter is the outlet through which Min Hee-jin consulted the shaman for matters surrounding ADOR and HYBE.

The consultation reportedly began right before 2017, and the shaman advised several key decisions she made for ADOR. HYBE stated that the shaman advised her on things such as the choice of name for her company, now referred to as ADOR, targeting or allegedly hexing high-level executives of HYBE through shamanism, etc.

Additionally, she was also seen talking to the shaman about BTS' enlistment. She reportedly asked the shaman's help to send BTS to the military, as it would be beneficial to her in her plan to take full control over ADOR. More recently, the shaman also reportedly advised her to follow along the ways of Bang Si-hyuk despite her spreading claims that he copied her idea and created BTS with the same.

They advised this, as it would result in more earnings for Min Hee-jin. Other consultations included her taking advice from the shaman in the hiring process for ADOR, management planning, and more. Following the land of the claims, Min Hee-jin admitted and expanded on the controversy in the emergency press conference that took place soon after.

ADOR's Min Hee-jin admits to HYBE's claims of her involvement with a shaman for management matters during the emergency press conference

Recently, HYBE shared information with the media that included allegations of Min Hee-jin being involved with a shaman consultation service for matters regarding the management of her company ADOR. As explained earlier, the shaman's advice influenced Min Hee-jin's decision-making process for several key decisions.

Additionally, there were also instances of her using shamanism to hex and curse the executives of HYBE, BTS, etc., to create circumstances that benefit her. According to HYBE, after requesting witchcraft from the shaman, this was what the ADOR CEO stated regarding BTS' military enlistment:

"I wanted to send them (BTS) away. It's not like I won a gold medal. I thought it would benefit me if they weren't there."

Following the land of these claims, an emergency press conference involving ADOR CEO Min Hee-jin was rolled out. During the same press conference, the attendees inquired about the claims that HYBE made towards her. She stated that she had a shaman friend, and they casually consulted each other. She also explained that she would report HYBE for violating her privacy.

"I asked (the shaman) because I was just so curious. How were we to plan our steps if the company's ace team was going to the military or not? I'm going to report HYBE for privacy infringement. They're censoring my messages. She is my friend. Can I not have a shaman friend?"

Recently, HYBE held an audit on its subsidiary agency, ADOR, following suspicions of a power struggle. The audit revealed several pieces of evidence that two ADOR executives, CEO Min Hee-jin and anonymous Mr. A, were strategically plotting to take full control of the agency since the beginning of this year.

As a result, HYBE has requested a shareholders' meeting to discuss the matter and simultaneously demand the resignation of the two ADOR executives. In light of the same, HYBE has also been revealing the plans that Min Hee-jin and Mr. A used to threaten and pressure HYBE into giving up ADOR as an independent label.

This included downloading confidential HYBE documents to use as threats and spreading claims to create a ruckus in the industry and pressurize HYBE through the same. Some of these claims included the ADOR CEO accusing recent K-pop groups such as ILLIT, RIIZE, and TWS of copying her idea for NewJeans. There were also claims of her accusing Bang Si-hyuk of copying her idea and creating BTS with the same.

Min Hee-jin is currently partaking in the emergency press conferences, explaining various aspects of the claims HYBE Labels made towards her.

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