"OMG A WEDDING"— Fans go wild over BTS' RM's Right Place, Wrong Person Concept Photo 3 

Fans go wild over BTS
Fans go wild over BTS' RM's Right Place, Wrong Person Concept Photo 3 (Image via @bts.bighitofficial/Instagram and @bighitmusic/X)

On May 16, 2024, Big Hit Music and BTS shared BTS' RM's Right Place, Wrong Person Concept Photo 3 on X and Instagram, respectively. While on X, Big Hit Music shared six pictures showcasing different sides of Kim Namjoon, the official page of BTS shared seven photos featuring the idol.

In the additional image, fans could see BTS' RM attending a wedding where he held the hand of a lady carrying a bouquet and the idol looking at her gently. The scene radiated a pleasant atmosphere as the bride and bridegroom were also holding hands, accompanied by the people who attended their wedding.

Fans could not stop gushing over Kim Namjoon attending a Wedding in the Concept Photo 3. One user exclaimed and captioned their post about the idol's concept photo as, "OMG A Wedding."

Here's what other fans said:

"RightPlaceWrongPerson Concept Photo 3: In this pic, @BTS_twt...Namjoon was the only one whose pants were clean. The others had mud on their pants, skirts. Can’t help but think of how Bangtan always do their music fair & ‘clean’, whereas many in the industry… well…"- A user said.
"Namjoon seems like the wrong person in this scenario. While everyone seems go through the mud he is the only person who seems to be all clean in here. RPWP CONCEPT PHOTO 3", another fan commented.

Meanwhile, other fans continued to speculate what kind of occupation he would have in the upcoming album Right Place, Wrong Person. They also weaved a plethora of compliments for Kim Namjoon, having unique ideas and concepts regarding the project.

"Seeing Namjoon in so many different ways is so interesting and just new! He has always new ideas of creating music and concepts. So excited for the other songs. Love you, Joon. RM IS COMING. RPWP CONCEPT PHOTO 3. RIGHT PLACE WRONG PERSON." - A user reacted.
"idk about you but i think this is such a smart and unique concept for an album like.. the office party setting??? joon as your average office worker?? i can’t wait to know more about the details of this album, it just got even more exciting !!"- another fan commented.
"I really want to know his story!. He’s an office worker, and part-time DJ? And has a multicultural family?" - another one said.

BTS' RM showcased different sides of himself through

Right Place, Wrong Person Concept Photo 3

Rosie Marks is the mastermind behind the latest images that have left fans speechless. She is a London-based photographer who discovers beauty in everyday life.

In the first picture, Kim Namjoon donned a grey jacket styled with a brown tie and buzz-cut hair and stood amongst people from different ethnicities and nationalities. While some people were standing, holding their hands criss-crossed, others sat on the chairs. The people donned formal outfits, radiating the vibe of a formal setting.

In the second picture, he was standing outside the car park sump plant room, which had a danger sign outside. He stood with another unidentified individual donning a waiter's uniform, and the duo were talking about something serious.

In the third image, he was sitting alone on a wooden bench and seemed to be thinking about something serious. He donned a great suit with a green top and a white shirt underneath it and styled it with black shoes and red socks. The scene was highlighted with the presence of a bird flying in the scene.

In the fourth and fifth Concept Photo, he was spotted playing musical instruments and partying with his colleagues respectively. In the last photo, RM was having dinner with some people. He was spotted picking something from the table full of different types of cuisine.

In the Wedding Concept Photo 3, BTS' Kim Namjoon donned a black and white suit with a pink colored tie and flowers attached to his black coat and held the hands of a lady wearing a long maxi pink dress.

Right Place, Wrong Person will be released on May 24, 2024.

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