YG Entertainment unveils plans regarding BABYMONSTER and TREASURE's upcoming activities

G Entertainment unveils plans regarding BABYMONSTER and TREASURE
G Entertainment unveils plans regarding BABYMONSTER and TREASURE's upcoming activities (Image via @babymonster_ygofficial/Instagram and @yg_treasure_official/Instagram)

On May 20, YG Entertainment dropped a video titled 'BABYMONSTER/TREASURE| YG Announcement (2024 Release Plan)' on their official YouTube channel, unveiling the plans regarding the rising K-pop group's upcoming activities. The founder and head producer of the agency, Yang Hyun-suk, revealed to the fans that the groups would be proactively involved in the promotions throughout this year (2024).


Yang Hyun-suk revealed BABYMONSTER's release schedule for the performance video of Like That, a full-length studio album, and the upcoming music in 2024. He also shared about TREASURE's much-anticipated comeback through the latest announcements.

Yang Hyun-suk revealed that BABYMONSTER's Like That

performance video would be released in May 2024

Yang Hyun-suk started the video by stating that he had some news about BABYMONSTER and TREASURE, which he felt elated to deliver to the fandom. He expressed that he would provide a brief explanation about the new activities scheduled from both sides.

The founder of YG Entertainment talked about BABYMONSTER's upcoming activities. He shared that the group's Like That performance video, which was composed by American singer Charlie Puth, would be released in May 2024 and planned to release a full-length studio album by September or October.

He also disclosed that BABYMONTSER's pre-release single from their upcoming album will be out by early July. He shared:

"The performance video for 'Like That' composed by Charlie Puth, which fans are currently most looking forward to, will be released within this month. You can look forward to that. We will definitely release a full album in either September or October. First, we plan to pre-release one of the songs included in the album. Sometime early July. We are planning the M/V and broadcasting activities for the next song."

Yang Hyun-suk further elaborated on the upcoming activities of the boy group TREASURE and shared that the members would be releasing a new song after ten months since the introduction of their album REBOOT on July 28, 2023. The band would also release a new song called KING KONG. He mentioned:

"TREASURE's last full album was released on July 28, 2023. We're preparing a new song for our fans after 10 months. During this time, TREASURE has been very busy. They're currently on an Asia tour too. Fortunately, we have a 2-3 week break period, which allows us the opportunity to introduce a song called KING KONG. So I feel very happy about that."

YG Entertainment's Yang Hyun-suk further elaborated on TREASURE's upcoming track, KING KONG, and stated about the release of the album this fall.

"I think it might be quite different from the music TREASURE has released so far. The keyword KING KONG itself is very strong, so I believe they'll present explosive energy with a very strong performance. Please support the new song KING KONG, being revealed after 10 months, and I promise to give my all for the TREASURE album that will be released this fall."

The video concluded, revealing a special gift for the fandom. YG Entertainment released an original rap segment from BABYMONSTER's SHEESH, which fans have been requesting the agency release since the rap was featured in the group's latest documentary.

Founded in 1996 by Yang Hyun-suk, YG Entertainment is home to many prominent artists, including BLACKPINK, WINNER, AKMU, BABYMONSTER, TREASURE, Eun Ji-won, and actors, including Jang Ki-yong, Yoo In-na, Lee Sung-kyung, Lee Soo-hyuk, and others.

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