The Atypical Family episodes 7 & 8 recap: Did Do Da-hae and Bok Gwi-ju get to spend some happy moments together?

The Atypical Family episodes 7 & 8 recap: Did Do Da-hee and Bok Gwi-ju get to spend some happy moments? (image via @jtbcdramq/Instagram)
The Atypical Family episodes 7 & 8 recap (Image via Instagram/@jtbcdramq)

On May 28, 2024, Netflix dropped episode 8 of the ongoing psychological and fantasy drama The Atypical Family, revealing that the protagonists Do Da-hae (played by Chun Woo-hee) and Bok Gwi-ju (played by Jang Ki-yong) were able to enjoy some brief yet meaningful happy moments together.

The drama highlights the story of a family with unique superpowers. Bok Gwi-joo has the power to travel back in time, but only during happy moments. However, he was diagnosed with depression, which prevents him from using his power anymore.

His family members are also unable to utilize their superpowers as they suffer from insomnia, bulimia, and smartphone addiction. One day, Do Da-hae, while scamming Bok Gwi-joo's family, gets involved with them.

With her appearance, Bok Gwi-joo observes some changes as he finally utilizes his power but can only travel back to the times he shared with Do Da-hae.

The Atypical Family is helmed by director Jo Hyun-taek and penned by Joo Hwa-mi.

Bok Gwi-joo tried to strike a deal with Do Dae-hee in episode 8 of The Atypical Family

Gwi-joo (Image via Instagram/@jtbcdrama)
Gwi-joo (Image via Instagram/@jtbcdrama)

Episode 7 of The Atypical Family showcased how Gwi-joo traveled back to the past multiple times following Da-hae's confession of being a scammer at their wedding. Simultaneously, Dong-hee discovered the family ring and informed family members that Da-hae had stolen it. Meanwhile, Il-hong locked Da-hae for crashing the wedding at the sauna.

In The Atypical Family, I-na goes to the sauna to meet Da-hae, where the duo have a heartfelt conversation, and the latter takes her to get new expensive glasses. Da-hae eventually returns I-na to Gwi-joo, who confesses that he will revisit their past moments. However, when sobbing, Da-hae is about to go home and is interrupted by future Gwi-joo, who pleads with her to inform present Gwi-joo that his sister Dong-hee is in danger.

The present Gwi-joo and Da-hae eventually save Dong-hee, who fell from the top floor due to the plan hatched by Grace. Dong-hee fell on Gwi-joo, who eventually broke his arm, and the duo was admitted to the hospital.

At the hospital, Dong-hae calls her mother, informing her that Da-hae was behind their accident, while Da-hae confesses to I-na that she could see and touch Gwi-joo from the future. Later, Gwi-joo tells Dong-hee that it was Da-hae who saved her in The Atypical Family.

Da-hae getting slapped (Image via Instagram/@jtbcdrama)
Da-hae getting slapped (Image via Instagram/@jtbcdrama)

Later, Man-heum meets Da-hae at the hospital and slaps the latter for kidnapping I-na and hurting Dong-hee. In response, Da-hae warns her and leaves the scene. Subsequently, Gwi-joo returns to the past and asks about why she ruined the wedding. As Da-hae is about to respond, she is interrupted by her mother, who slaps her and takes her away in the car.

Subsequently, Gwi-joo arrives at the sauna, where he proposes a deal with Il-hong to re-establish their relationship because both the scammer and Bok family need each other. The scene changes to Da-hae questioning Gwi-joo's intentions, and he states that the duo needs to spend as much time together as possible so that he can save her in the past. Later, Gwi-joo is transported to the past to the moment when she returned I-na to him and went close to her. He asked her not to let him go.

In episode 8 of The Atypical Family, Bok Man-heum has a dream again of the time when someone placed her family ring on Da-hae's fingers. The scene transitions to Gwi-joo making a deal with Il-hong, stating that he needs to spend happy moments with Da-hae, and in return, he would provide the scammer family with money. As Il-hong agrees to the deal, Da-hae showcases her unwillingness.

Gwi-joo signing a deal with Il-hong (Image via Instagram/@jtbcdrama)
Gwi-joo signing a deal with Il-hong (Image via Instagram/@jtbcdrama)

Subsequently, The Atypical Family's Da-hae confesses to Il-hong that she has developed feelings for Gwi-joo, and that's why she did not intend to use him for money. Gwi-joo returns to the sauna, where he tries to help out Da-hae but fails, unfortunately. He later has food with the scammer family, where Grace asks him about the stocks from last week. In response, Gwi-joo states he was not happy last week as his wedding crashed and thus needed more moments with Da-hae to become happy.

Subsequently, Da-hae goes out for another hunt, where she approaches a man so that she can marry him and scam him later, however, Gwi-joo follows her. As Da-hae's plan is about to become a success, Gwi-joo interrupts and reveals to the man that he was about to become her third husband but failed. He holds her hands and swiftly takes her out of the place.

Outside, the duo bickers for a while, followed by Da-hae trying to scam another man into marriage with her tactics. However, the man's wife arrives at the scene and is about to hit her when Gwi-joo holds her hands and runs away with her.

Da-hae with her fourth hunt (Image via Instagram/@jtbcdrama)
Da-hae with her fourth hunt (Image via Instagram/@jtbcdrama)

Gwi-joo asks Da-hae for dinner, and the latter replies that she would only work with him if he pays her 10 million per hour. The duo eventually eats at a restaurant where they share a heartfelt conversation in The Atypical Family.

Da-hae reveals her happiest moments, including riding a bike for the first time and having shaved ice from a bakery near South Gangnueung Terminal. Gwi-joo also discloses that he became a firefighter to save people's lives, as he was unable to do that with his superpower in The Atypical Family.

As the duo is talking, Gwi-joo suddenly travels back to the past to when Da-hae held her father's funeral. He witnesses how Il-hong made her sign a pact, according to which she had to pay her father's debts. Gwi-joo eventually paid tribute to her father and bowed down. Gwi-joo went to Da-hae and she asked about his identity. He placed his hands on her shoulder and she eventually teared up as someone was finally comforting her.

Dong-hee with her boyfriend (Image via @jtbcdrama/Instagram)
Dong-hee with her boyfriend (Image via @jtbcdrama/Instagram)

Subsequently, Dong-hee discovers that it was Grace who made her fall from the top floor and chases after her. In return, Grace agrees to do whatever Dong-hee asks to avoid police involvement in The Atypical Family.

Meanwhile, at the sauna, Gwi-joo complains to Il-hong about how Da-hae would not cooperate with him to spend happy moments. As Da-hae is about to leave the sauna to hunt for a fourth husband who is a devout Buddhist, Il-hong puts Uncle Hyeong-tae to work. Hyeong-tae follows both Gwi-joo and Da-hae and even blows bubbles so that the duo can have happy moments.

Eventually, the trio sits on a bench in a park and Gwi-joo says that they should get shaved ice for Da-hae to make her happy. Gwi-joo and Hyeong-tae go on a long journey to the bakery near South Gangnueng Terminal to get shaved ice for her. In the evening, they finally reach the place and get shaved ice in a bowl for Da-hae in The Atypical Family.

After getting it, Gwi-joo asks Hyeong-tae to get bus tickets for them and sees the winning lottery numbers on a panel. He finds a safe place and travels back to the past to when he and Da-hae were sitting in the park.

He finally handed a bowl of shaved ice to her and had a heartfelt conversation with her. Gwi-joo also handed over the winning lottery numbers to her. He asked her to sell her happiness for 10 million won per hour to him and pay off her debts with the lottery ticket.

The Atypical Family's Gwi-joo and Da-hae finally shared a brief happy moment when he gave her a shaved ice and narrated the story behind it. It was revealed that at the time of the fire, an old lady gave her shaved ice to uplift her mood, and thus Da-hae was able to experience brief happiness by selling out her misfortunes.

Da-hae then returns to the future at the bus station, where Hyeong-tae is shocked by his disappearance. Meanwhile, Da-hae checks the ticket numbers and finds that she won the lottery in the evening. The next day Grace, and Dong-hee make a plan so that they can reignite the love of the latter's boyfriend in The Atypical Family.

I-na returns to the sauna again, where she plays a game with Hyeong-tae and succeeds in beating him at every level with the help of her superpowers. In the evening, Da-hae meets Bok Man-heum and gives the lottery ticket asking her to keep her son Gwi-ju away from her.

Back at home, The Atypical Family's Gwi-joo discovers that Da-hae stole their family ring. He goes to check the lock-up and discovers that it is still there and realizes they have two family rings in their possession.

He goes to meet Da-hae and comprehends that his future self might have traveled back in the past to save Da-hae and gave her the family ring when the fire broke out at the girl's high school in The Atypical Family.

Episodes of The Atypical Family air every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 pm KST. The title is available to stream on TVING and Netflix.

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