5 best movies to watch if you like Atlas on Netflix

Atlas on Netflix (Image via Netflix/YouTube)
Atlas on Netflix (Image via Netflix/YouTube)

Netflix has brought together Jennifer Lopez, Simu Liu, and Academy Award nominee Sterling K. Brown in an action-fueled sci-fi thriller titled Atlas. There aren't enough movies that have similar visuals like Blade Runner 2049. The movie could be seen on the site's Top 10 list because viewers are getting fond of how it depicts the bond between AI and humans.

Jennifer Lopez portrays Atlas Shepherd, a data analyst fighting against an out-of-control AI. The movie is directed by Rian Johnson. He made sure the viewers would admire the action scenes and everything else. The production has spent a huge budget on the movie, which is visible because of the special effects and the incredible set design.

The film talks about the diverse perspectives on AI and humans' growing dependency on technology over a period of time. For those who have enjoyed the sci-fi film, here is a list of movies that resonate with the themes explored in Atlas on Netflix.

5 sci-fi movies you must watch if you like Atlas on Netflix

1) Upgrade (2018)

Upgrade (Image via Automatik Entertainment)
Upgrade (Image via Automatik Entertainment)

Upgrade is an intense movie directed by Leigh Whannell. It's set a little bit in the future and is about a man named Grey Trace. After he's badly hurt in a robbery and can't move his body, doctors put a computer chip called STEM inside him. This chip lets him do physical stuff that normal people can't do.

The movie has a similar theme to Atlas on Netflix because it talks about people and computers working together, but Upgrade is a bit darker and more violent. The setting is rough and the action scenes are really intense, which makes it feel a lot like the dangerous situations in Atlas. If you liked the action and tension in Atlas, you'll probably like Upgrade too.

2) Ex Machina (2014)

Ex Machina (Image via A24 films)
Ex Machina (Image via A24 films)

Directed by Alex Garland, Ex Machina is a great movie that makes one think about the good and bad sides of artificial intelligence or AI. The story is about a young programmer who gets chosen to test if a robot with advanced AI can act like a human.

The movie digs into some big questions about what's right and wrong when it comes to humans and robots, and how they might feel about each other. The way the story is told is very gripping and looks great, much like Atlas, which also explores deep ideas about humans and technology.

3) Real Steel (2011)


In Real Steel, which Shawn Levy directed, the boxing world has changed so that now robots are the ones fighting, not humans. Hugh Jackman plays a former boxer who finds himself working with his son who hardly knew each other before to build a robot that can win fights.

The movie is similar to Atlas on Netflix because the main characters both have to work closely with technology to achieve their goals. Real Steel mixes action with touching moments between a father and his son, adding a personal touch to the excitement.

4) The Creator (2023)


The Creator shows a world trying to get back to normal after being nearly destroyed by robots. The main story focuses on a military man who finds a very special android that can control other technology.

The movie expands on similar themes from Atlas in Netflix, like what happens after fights between humans and AI, and whether humans and robots can live together peacefully. It looks closely at how people and machines might make up with each other and work together, which provides a deeper look into what the future of these relationships could be like.

5) Oblivion (2013)


Tom Cruise stars in Oblivion, a movie set on Earth after it's been wrecked by a war with aliens. He plays a guy who fixes drones and starts to discover secrets that make him doubt what he's been told about the war and his life. Like Atlas in Netflix, this movie has a main character who faces surprises that change how they see their world.

Oblivion is visually amazing and deals with themes of memory, what it means to be human, and how to keep going when things are tough, all of which are reasons it's a great choice for fans of the recent Netflix sci-fi movie starring Jennifer Lopez.

These movies are going to provide a glimpse of the new Netflix sci-fi flick. The movie may not have a compelling story but the action-packed visual effects surely make the film entertaining. Viewers with Netflix subscriptions can enjoy the futuristic world of AI.

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