Yance Ford's Power on Netflix: Release date, plot, and more

Power premiered at the Sundance Festival on January 18, 2024 (Image via Youtube/Netflix)
Power premiered at the Sundance Festival on January 18, 2024 (Image via Youtube/Netflix)

Producer and director Yance Ford released a new documentary titled Power, which looks at the history and current realities of policing in America. The film was released in theatres on May 10, 2024, and is set to make its debut on Netflix on May 17, 2024.

The documentary by the Academy Award-nominated director starts in the early days of slave patrols in the 1700s before moving to their impact during the Civil Rights movement. It then tackles the ongoing debates around wrongful deaths today.

Ford probes whether true authority rests with the police or the communities they are meant to protect and serve. By weaving together historical details with modern-day scenarios, the documentary tries to unpack these layered issues.

What is Power all about?


Power explores the complicated history and consequences of policing in the United States. It also shows how people perceive law enforcement differently within society.

Power looks at the growth of policing from its beginnings with slave patrols, through its major role in suffocating the Civil Rights movement, to the issues it faces today. Yance Ford uses both historical context and modern analysis to spotlight the development of police authority and its impact on racial disparities.

The documentary addresses the clear differences in how various communities view the presence of police, either as protectors against crime or as symbols of oppression. It includes views from historians, critics of American policing, and police officers, offering a full look at the issues discussed.

Ford's storytelling links past events to current situations and highlights a continuous pattern of conflict and reform. It encourages viewers to think about the role of policing in society.

The documentary is released at a time that is filled with debates on police brutality and calls for reform. The documentary makes viewers look deeper while questioning who holds power in society. It also examines the balance of power between the police and the communities they aim to protect, making it a relevant film for viewers today.

The directorial vision of Yance Ford

Director and producer Yance Ford is known for his Oscar-nominated work on the documentary Strong Island which was released in 2017. The documentary shows Yance investigating the 1992 murder of 24-year-old William Ford Jr., his brother.

In Power, the 52-year-old continues to tackle pressing social issues with his deep commitment to exploring themes of justice and inequality. This is often drawn from personal experiences and historical insights. His previous works have been acclaimed for their emotional depth and meticulous storytelling, qualities that are hopefully going to be evident in the new documentary.

Under Ford's direction, the documentary promises to be a powerful examination of policing and will be infused with historical context and contemporary relevance. Ford has chosen to focus on a topic as contentious and critical as policing by positioning himself as a filmmaker and a crucial voice in the ongoing dialogue about race, power, and justice in America.

The producers behind the documentary

The documentary (Image via Youtube/Netflix)
The documentary (Image via Youtube/Netflix)

The upcoming documentary is supported by a team of producers who have brought their unique skills and perspectives to the project. These include Ryah Aqel and Wesley Harris as associate producers with Jon Bardin and Dan Cogan as executive producers. Meanwhile, Jess Devaney and Netsanet Negussie have contributed as producers.

Their combined efforts ensure the documentary's quality and depth, handling everything from archival footage to coordinating the overall production. This collaborative effort shows the documentary's commitment to presenting a nuanced and comprehensive look at its subject matter.

The documentary was premiered at the Sundance Festival on January 18, 2024. Yance Ford connects the past with present challenges, urging a reevaluation of police roles. The documentary is available for viewing in theatres and will debut on Netflix on May 17, 2024.

Edited by Madhur Dave
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