7 best family movies on Netflix to watch this weekend

7 best family movies on Netflix to watch this weekend (Image via Netflix)
7 best family movies on Netflix to watch this weekend (Image via Netflix)

Netflix has a variety of movies and shows for everybody, here are some top picks that cater to different tastes and genres right from Sci-Fi, thriller, romance and much more.

Atlas will show the viewers different sides of AI with action and knowledge of the power of AI. Whereas movies like Ticket to Paradise and Irish Wish are rom-coms that will lighten the mood of the viewers.

Movies like, Yes Day and Dog Gone are filled with emotions, fun and craziness that children might especially enjoy.

Shows to watch on Netflix


ATLAS, directed by Brad Peyton is a science fiction action movie. The movie stars Jennifer Lopez as Atlas Shepherd who is a data analyst.

The official synopsis of the movie defines the movie as:

"A brilliant counter terrorism analyst with a deep distrust of AI discovers it might be her only hope when a mission to capture a renegade robot goes awry."

In this dystopian future when artificial intelligence has turned against humans, Atlas is hired to track down Harlan, the evil AI leader. She is traumatized by her past experiences with Harlan and hence faces a hard time having to rely on Smith who is presented as a good AI.

Together Atlas and Smith overcame their fears and ruined Harlan’s plan to destroy the earth. The film shows the different faces of AI, how useful it is and how dangerous it could get.


Ticket to Paradise

Ticket to Paradise tells the story of Georgia and David a couple who come together again to prevent their daughter Lily from repeating what they see as their mistake from 25 years ago.

The Netflix's movie synopsis says:

"Determined to sabotage their daughter's upcoming wedding in Bali, a long-divorced couple agrees to a truce - and begins to see eye-to-eye again."

Lily fresh out of school decides to marry Gede, a seaweed farmer, in Bali following a whirlwind romance. Georgia and David are determined to disrupt the wedding to safeguard their daughter's future.

As they deal with their issues and conflicting personalities they find themselves in Bali's stunning setting where they rekindle old emotions and confront their history leading to moments of humor, heartfelt reconciliation and personal growth.


Irish wish

Lindsay Lohan played Maddie in the romantic comedy Irish Wish directed by Janeen Damian. Maddie is shown devastated as her best friend is getting married to the love of her life.

The synopsis of the movie says:

"In this whimsical rom-com, a woman's wish to marry her best friend's fiance magically comes true."

While attending the marriage in Ireland she spontaneously wishes for true love and magically wakes up as soon-to-be-a-bride. As she navigates this new world, she grapples with unexpected challenges and realizes that her happiness might lie elsewhere.

The movie released on Netflix explores the themes of love, friendship, and self-discovery, set against the picturesque backdrop of Ireland.

Irish wish (Image via Netflix)
Irish wish (Image via Netflix)

Yes Day

Yes Day directed by Miguel Arteta, tells the story of the Torres family and how they decide to have a Yes Day for their three children – a day when children are allowed to make their own rules and parents must agree with their children’s wishes within reasonable limits.

The official synopsis of the movie on Netflix says:

"A mom and dad who usually say no decided to say yes to their kids wildest requests - with a few ground rules - on a whirlwind day of fun and adventure."

Across the day, children participate in crazy and amusing activities such as mad challenges and sudden tours that all help to build their connection.

However, they manage to go through tough times and numerous unclear situations that teach them a lot about faith and the exchange of information

Yes Day (Image via Netflix)
Yes Day (Image via Netflix)


Damsel is a fantasy adventure directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, that features Millie Bobby Brown as Princess Elodie. The movie can be watched on Netflix.

The official synopsis of the movie says:

"Dutiful daughter Elodie agrees to marry a prince to save her people. But when her wedding takes a shocking turn, she must figure out how to save herself."

The plot revolves around Elodie’s wedding to a prince from a rival kingdom, which is revealed to be a shame, with the true intent being her sacrifice to a dragon. The narrative follows her journey to survive, relying on her wits, bravery, and new-found allies to evade her fate and conquer the dragon.

The film delves into concepts of courage, self-reliance, and empowerment, illustrating Elodie's transformation from a damsel in distress to a bold and brave character. Damsel blends exhilarating action sequences with a potent, inspirational message of women empowerment.


Heart of stone

Heart of Stone is an undercover agent mystery directed by Tom Harper. The movie shows Gal Gadot as Rachel Stone, an intelligence operative running for a shadowy worldwide peacekeeping agency referred to as Charter.

The official synopsis of the movie on Netflix says:

"In this action thriller, a secret agent for a rogue espionage organization tries to stop a global threat."

Their task is to stop the organization's most precious and threatening asset from falling into enemy arms.

Rachel embarks on an excessive-stakes task that takes her across the globe. As she navigates betrayals, deadly adversaries, and complex ethical dilemmas, Rachel uses her capabilities and resourcefulness to protect the asset and preserve worldwide stability.

The film combines excessive action sequences with a gripping narrative, exploring topics of loyalty, duty, and the satisfactory line between proper and incorrect.

Heart of Stone (Image via Netflix)
Heart of Stone (Image via Netflix)

Dog gone

Dog Gone directed by Stephen Herek is a touching drama that tells a real story, with Rob Lowe playing John Marshall, whose son, Fielding, loses his cherished dog, Gonker, while hiking the Appalachian Trail.

The official synopsis of the movie on Netflix says:

"When adventure loving dog Gonker disappears on a hike, his family embarks on an incredible rescue mission to bring him home."

As Gonker needs medicine within 20 days to live, the Marshalls search the wilderness in desperation. The film shows the father and son becoming closer through their journey, facing many challenges and touching moments.

It shows how family, determination, and the bond between people and their pets can be unbreakable, giving an encouraging tale of hope and persistence.

Gonker (Image via Netflix)
Gonker (Image via Netflix)

All the movies serve the genres liked by different age groups, so don’t forget to watch them this weekend with the family.

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