A Sacrifice trailer release: Jordan Scott directed cult classic movie explored 

A Sacrifice trailer release: Jordan Scott directed cult classic movie explored
A Sacrifice trailer release: Jordan Scott directed cult classic movie explored (Image Via YouTube/Vertical Entertainment)

The trailer for Jordan Scott’s latest film, A Sacrifice, has just been released, promising a gripping and chilling cinematic experience. This new feature, inspired by Nicholas Hogg's novel Tokyo Nobody, delves into the dark world of cults and the strained relationship between a father and his rebellious daughter.

As audiences get their first look at this highly anticipated film, the suspenseful and atmospheric trailer hints at the complex and dangerous journey that awaits. A Sacrifice stars Eric Bana and Sadie Sink against Berlin’s underground backdrop where Ben Monroe is investigating cultism as a social psychologist.

It is a psychological thriller blended with family drama that explores emotional and societal issues that run deep. Featuring an amazing cast led by an accomplished director, it is expected to amaze audiences when it finally hits theaters.

This gripping thriller was written and directed by Jordan Scott, daughter of iconic filmmaker Ridley Scott; her previous work includes Cracks, which received rave reviews for its unique telling style.

Exploring details from A Sacrifice trailer

Eric Bana plays an American social psychologist named Ben Monroe who gets caught up in investigating a creepy cult in Berlin in A Sacrifice. While Ben immerses himself more deeply into their dark activities, his teenage daughter Mazzy (Sadie Sink) gets lured into the city’s underground party scene by a mysterious German boy (Jonas Dassler).

Their stories interweave each other until they climax with a race against time to save Mazzy. This movie as a whole deals with the themes of brainwashing, dysfunctional family relationships, and tempting dangers that come with cults. Ben’s professional life is also affected by his struggles to save his daughter from this sect.

With such a taut script, audiences can only expect to have their hearts in their mouths throughout. The official synopsis of the movie reads,

“A Sacrifice is an emotionally turbulent story that follows American social psychologist Ben Monroe (Bana), who is investigating a local Berlin cult connected to disturbing events. While he immerses himself in his work, his rebellious teenage daughter, Mazzy (Sink), becomes embroiled with a mysterious local boy who introduces her to the city’s underground party scene. As their two worlds head toward a dangerous intersection, Ben will need to race against the clock in order to save his daughter.“

Who is Jordan Scott?


Jordan Scott, the talented filmmaker behind A Sacrifice, is the daughter of renowned director Ridley Scott. She made her directorial debut with Cracks in 2009, a film that received critical acclaim for its atmospheric storytelling and compelling performances. Jordan has also directed several short films and music videos, showcasing her versatile talent in the industry.

Like her filmmaker father, Jordan Scott specializes in intense character-driven narratives. Her ability to blend psychological depth with thrilling plots makes her one of the most exciting directors to watch out for.

Exploring more details about the cult movie A Sacrifice

Sylvia Hoeks, Sophie Rois, Stephan Kampwirth, and Lara Feith are some of the notable supporting cast members seen in the movie. The production team for this film includes Ridley Scott among others like Michael Pruss, Jonas Katzenstein, Maximilian Leo, and Georgina Pope.

In addition to acting in the film, Eric Bana has also served as an executive producer. His involvement both behind and in front of the camera displays the teamwork through which A Sacrifice was produced.

Vertical Entertainment has secured the North American rights to the film, with a theatrical release set for June 28, 2024. As the release date approaches, excitement continues to build for what promises to be one of the standout films of the year.

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